Monday, January 23, 2017


In September we started a project to try to collect a postcard from all 50 states! 

We asked Facebook friends and BangShift (car) friends to help us out with our project and have been amazed by all the post cards we have gotten.

We put a big US map on the wall and got special stickers for our project. We have put a sticker on the map for every post card we have received. For the most part, we have placed the stickers close to the city they were postmarked in. 

The kids thought we would get the most post cards from car friends, so we decided that car friends would get car stickers on the map and everyone else would get a smiley face sticker. (It was about even, by the way!)

We've also put star stickers on the map in the states that Emily and Kyle have been to. (10 states!)

Kyle and Emily have gotten 129 postcards from 48 states. We are still missing Connecticut and Nebraska. (I've heard several times postcards are coming from these states, but we haven't received

We've also gotten several postcards from around the world. A couple from Canada, one from Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea,  and German. (I think I might be missing another country!) We've found the Canadian cities on our map on the way, but have used our world map to find where the other postcards have come from.

We've started the process of writing thank you post cards to send to everyone whose address we have that sent us a post card. We've only mailed a handful of them because Kyle and Emily only have a long enough attention span to do a few at a time!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent Kyle and Emily a postcard... or several post cards!

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