Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Adventures Part 1

December 1: Set up Little People Nativity
This seems to be one of the favorite Christmas adventures every year. This year, Kyle and Emily started talking about getting out the Nativity about the middle of November! When we got it out, they used it to act out the Christmas story. It was fun to see them using verses this year!

They made a video for their cousins to help them learn the Christmas story too. They normally include a lot more details, but I think they were a little nervous being in front of the camera.

December 2: Ionia Light Parade
We didn't get to do this adventure. The kids were having a rough day listening and following dirrections, so they lost the privlage of going to the parade. (We did go to the Silver Bells Parade in Lansing the week before, so they did get to see at least one Christmas light parade this year.)

December 3: Live Nativity
Aunt Karen, Uncle Larry, Taylor, and Anthony came up and went with the kids and I to see our church's live nativity. It wasn't too cold and we enjoyed hearing the Christmas story from a differnt perspective and seeing Brent as a sheppard!

December 4: Put up Window Decals

December 5: Watch Elf

December 6: Make Snowman Decorations

December 7: Make Wreath Decorations

December 8: Make Snowflakes

December 9: Make sugar cookies
Aunt Kara was here and helped us cut out our sugar cookies!

December 10: Decorate sugar cookies

December 11: Watch Charlie Brown Christmas

December 12: Buy toys for Toys for Tots

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