Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Grand Haven

Last week we learned about our wonderful state of Michigan. Lots of the books we read talked about light houses and the kids wanted to see one. So.. Brent had the idea to take them to Grand Haven and see one of the light houses we read about and that was on our Michigan Puzzle. We had to play in the sand and in the water too! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hot Wheels at Impressions 5

The pictures are from my phone...and some of them are blurry... But the kids had a lot of fun exploding the Hot Wheels exhibit at Impressions 5 this morning. Aunt Kara and Mommy thought it was pretty cool too! 

There were two tracks to race hot wheels down... one track provided power to push the car down and the other did not. 

You could race up to six cars at once and it would tell you the winner! Peyton liked to race his cars between the tracks!

Another set of tracks let cars do tricks and jumps.

You could use the computer to build your own car and race it...

They had half a race car and you could "change" the tires. Peyton kept getting mad because the socket on the end of the impact didn't fit over the "bolts." You just touched the bolts with the impact and it vibrated and changed colors.... the kids played with it and had fun, but Colby told me its more fun to change real tires in Bumpa's barn..and I think Peyton agreed with him.

There was a simulation race car to drive...

Colby thought this dude was a little creepy!

There was a engine that you could see inside. It was kind of cool.. and moved... REALLY slow!