Wednesday, July 13, 2016

18 Months Old!

I haven't been very good about monthly updates for Peyton, but I was going to be good and do an update when he turned 18 months... and then we were on a spur of the moment missions trip to Chicago, so it didn't happen.... but late is better than never, right? There's no pictures yet...

Peyton is 18 months (plus a few days!) old!! He has left the baby stage and is most definitely a toddler!

Peyton loves to explore.. and climb... and check out anything he can. He's very curious about everything around him and loves to copy everything his older siblings do!

Peyton loves to eat. As long as he has a fork, he pretty much each whatever we put in front of him. We are still avoid dairy, eggs, soy, and peanuts. He also still loves to nurse! We are down to three or four times a day, but he loves his mommy cuddles and mommy milk!

Peyton doesn't really say many words, but is very good about communicating. He says "that," "dip," "mom," and "boob" and makes some other random noises. He is good about pointing and grunting to get what he wants and knows how to throw a good fit when he gets something he doesn't want or doesn't get what he wants. 

Sleep wise, I think it's safe to say he's sleeping through the night for the most part. The past couple weeks when we've been in Chicago, he slept in bed with Mommy and Daddy and nursed at least once in the middle of the night, but when we are at home and he's in his own bed, he typically nurses to sleep around 7:30 or so and then sleeps for about twelve hours! Most days he takes an afternoon nap as well. If we are home and the big kids are quiet, he'll typically sleep for two or three hours!

Peyton has six teeth that are all the way in, two that are partially in, and another two that you can kind of feel, but can't see yet.

When we got home from Chicago, we changed out his clothes and he know has 18 month clothes in his drawers, but I have a feeling they aren't going to fit him for too long.

Peyton still isn't too sure about most adults, but seems to love other kids. He loves to watch kids play..and sometimes play with them. He likes to "blow it up" and sometimes gives high fives, but some times refuses if he's not too sure about the person. 

Peyton enjoys playing with cars and doing puzzles... and playing with Kyle, Emily, and Colby and whatever they are playing with. He also LOVES to be outside and to go places. He often brings me his shoes and wants to go!

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