Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kyle's Legs

For a few years we've known that Kyle's legs were as straight as they should be.

Around the time turned 2 we saw an orthopedic surgeon about them for the first time. At the time, the doctor told us that his femurs were rotated some, but it was something he should grow out of. At that time, he told us to come back if he started to have pain or issues walking.

Then last fall, Kyle started complaining about his knees hurting and he was tripping often, so we went back to the ortho. He sent Kyle to physical therapy to try to strengthen his legs in hopes of alleviating some of the pain and improve his coordination. Physical therapy helped a lot. He stopped complaining about his knees hurting constantly and was tripping less. When we followed up with the ortho after therapy, he was very happy with the improvement and had hopes that Kyle's legs would straighten as he grew. 

A couple months ago, Kyle started complaining again, tripping over his feet constantly, and it was pretty painful to watch him walk because of how much his toes point in. We went back to the ortho and his reaction was a little different this time. He took a bunch of measurements and the rotation of Kyle's femurs have gotten a lot worse than they were last fall before therapy. The doctor said that Kyle is going to need surgery. He has femoral anterversion...basically the lower half of his femurs are rotated in. This puts pressure on his knees and turns his feet in. Most kids gradually grow out of this, but Kyle's rotation seems to be getting worse. The surgery to correct the ration involves breaking Kyle's femurs and correcting the alignment, and then putting plates and screws in his femurs to hold everything in place while it heals. But.. we have to wait to do surgery. The surgical screws only come so small, so we have to wait for Kyle's femurs to be big enough for the screws. The ortho said he thinks Kyle will be big enough something around eight or nine years old. 

In the meantime, we are doing more physical therapy. The goals in therapy are to strengthen Kyle's legs and improve his coordination and gait. Hopefully in doing these to things, Kyle will have less knee pain and will trip less over his own feet. Sounds like he probably will be in and out of therapy until he is big enough to have the correcting surgery.