Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mommy's Trip to the Hospital

Last night as we were finishing up dinner, I started having floaters and other vision issues. I took some Tylenol thinking a headache was coming. A few minutes later, Kyle was trying to talk to me and I couldn't get the words out of my mouth to respond and my vision was pretty much gone.

After a few minutes, my peripheral vision started to return and I could get enough words out to let Brent know I needed to go to the ER.

Luckily, my mom was at our house for dinner and to hang out with Brent went to a board meeting. Brent stayed home with the kids and my mom took me to the ER in Ionia.

Once we got to the ER, a nurse took me back to triage shortly after we got there. I was able to speak normal again and my vision was good when I was talking to her. I had an EKG done and then was sent back to the waiting room until their was a room available.

Once back in the waiting room, I started having issues with my speech and vision again, but my vision never got as bad as it had originally.

When they finally got me back to a room, things started to happen kind of quickly. The nurse started an IV and drew some blood and the doctor was in. Their guess was that I was having some sort of weird migraine, but because I was still having lots of trouble speaking and my blood pressure was very high, they ordered a stroke work up and were treating me as if I was having a stroke.

Techs came and got my quickly to do a CT and chest x-ray. They got a urine sample and did a finger prick to test my sugar.

Then we waited for results. And I was still having a hard time getting my words out for the most part.

Finally, all of the results came back negative, but because I was still having delayed speech at this point, the neurologist thought it was best they continued to monitor me for a stroke until I could have imaging done with contrast. They called an ambulance and transferred me to the main hospital in Lansing.

When I got to Lansing and to my room, I got frustrated as I had to try to explain what was going on because I was still having a really hard time getting my words out.

The resident came and spend a bunch of time checking me all over and talking to me. His gut feeling was the same as everyone else that I was having a really bad migraine, but he really wanted to order a CT and MRI with contrast to rule out a stroke for sure. He also order magnesium for my IV to "help the migraine go away."

At this point, I still didn't have any head pain, just a bit of pressure behind my eyes... and the speech delay.

About 1:00 am I had my CT after an adventure that included getting lost with the nurses in the radiology department.

Around 2:00 am, I was finally settled back into my room and my magnesium had finished. A little while later, I could FINALLY speak normal again!! And I got to sleep in short bit. The nurses had to check my vitals every hour!

I slept on and off until 6:00 or so when they started to get my ready to go to MRI. Around this time, my head started to hurt...

After my MRI I hung out in my room until my mom got here... and then a short while later Brent and the kids got here.

Around lunch time the doctors came in for rounds and said all the test came back normal... meaning NO STROKE!

The official diagnosis is a complex atypical migraine with aura. They explained that these type of migraines not only cause stroke like symptoms, but they also can cause strokes and I am at risk for having a stroke now. Their recommendations to to take magnesium daily and to follow up with a neurologist specialized in headaches.

They also explained that if I started to have vision issues that aren't going away or start to having any issues speaking again, that I need to head to the ER quickly for the determination to be made if I am having a stroke or just another migraine.

Apparently all the concussion I had in high school are a contributing factor...  so be careful and don't get hit in the head!!!

It's now almost dinner time and sounded like the nurse would have my discharge papers soon. I'm exhausted and have a little bit of a headache, but am so thankful that I can SEE and TALK without issue!! And so very thankful to go home and cuddle my kiddos!!

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