Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Daddy Broke Kyle's Jaw

In the end of February, Kyle ran into Brent's hip with his mouth. There was blood... and more blood...and more blood...and more blood. And Kyle's tooth was laying flat. We pushed his tooth back to "normal" but it still bothered him and any time his bonked his face, his tooth moved around.

A few days later we went to the dentist. They took some xrays and determined that his tooth itself was okay, but the little groovy thing in his jaw that helps hold his tooth in place was broken. They were hoping it would heal on it's own.

A few days later we went back to the dentist because it wasn't getting any better. They ended up "splinting" the tooth by bonding it to the teeth on either side in hopes that holding the tooth still would help heal everything and that we could save the tooth.

After a couple weeks, it was determined that the splint wasn't working and the tooth needed to come out... which meant Kyle had to go see the oral surgeon.

On Monday we finally got in to see the oral surgeon. Kyle was very excited all the way there that he was finally going to get his tooth out. Then when we got there, he started to get a little anxious about it. He was pretty cute. But once they gave him some laughing gas, he calmed right down... and the tooth came out with issue.

Now he loves showing off his hole! And has a cute lisp when he talks!!

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