Friday, April 8, 2016

15 months old and a well visit

Peyton was 15 months old yesterday....but I nene got around to writing a post or taking pictures because I was pretty sick.

Speaking of sick....Peyton is sick too. He has an upper respiratory infection and a double ear infection. We went to redicare on Tuesday and they put in on antibiotics, but because his ears are still red, his regular doctor is changing the antibiotic to something strong. And because this is the second ear infection in a month, we are going back to have his ears checked in three weeks and if there are any more infections in the near future, we'll be referred to the ent to talk about tubes.

Peyton is growing up so fast....but only slowly growing. He weighed in at 20lbs even and measured 30 inches long today. Both right about the 12th percentile. Even though he's low on try charts, he's big for a Eubank kid!

Peyton is learning so much. He doesn't really say much yet, but is good at pointing and shreeking to let us know what he wants. He's pretty good at following directions and following what the other kids are doing.

It seemed like for a long time we struggled to get Peyton to eat, but we are past those days. Peyton loves food. The only time we really struggle to get him to eat now is when he can't have what everyone else is eating or something close to it.

Peyton loves to play with whatever toys everyone else is....and TV remotes. He used to love the remote control cars, but recently they have terrified him. But he still loves regular toy cars, and books, and stuffed animals, and play food....and whatever his siblings are playing with that they don't want to share with him.

Peyton has turned into a little monkey. He loves to climb on everything and anything he can....including the kitchen table!

Peyton is still nursing on demand during the day, but typically nurses when he wakes up, before nap time, after nap time, and before bed. Sometimes he sleeps all night long....Sometimes he still wakes up and wants to nurse in the middle of the night.

We are still having issues with Peyton not being terrified of people. He's slowly starting to get better, but he still likes to cling to mommy or daddy if there are other people around.

I'll try to take some pictures later, but no promises! Life is kind of crazy with four kiddos to keep up with!

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