Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kyle is FIVE!!

Kyle is FIVE!!!!

Kyle is my big mommy's boy!

Kyle loves to make people smile and loves to give mommy cuddles! He's also pretty good at have loud obnoxious meltdowns for crazy stuff.

Kyle seems to enjoy being around other kids and interacting with people, but tends to thrive when he has quiet time by himself. He loves to work on projects alone... or with a little help from mommy and daddy. He's discovered that if he goes into his room and closes the door, he normally can get 20 minutes or so of alone time before one of his brothers find him.

Kyle doesn't seem to enjoy some parts of school as much as his sister, but is constantly asking to "do school." He loves to work on "bear books" and other school activity books. It amazes me how much he gets done (and does right!) with very little help! When it comes to working on reading and writing, he doesn't seem to have much interest... but when rattles off words like its no big deal that he's reading. He loves to play on the computer too... but still struggles with using the mouse!

Kyle loves to do things with his hands. He loves to work on puzzles and build things. He wants to know how things work and how they are all put together. I think he's going to be the kid that tears things apart just so he can see if he can put them back together.

Kyle amazes me when it comes to his knowledge about cars. He can point out different parts and explain what they do. He got a model engine for his birthday that we've been putting together and it's crazy how much he knows! (He knows more about cars than Daddy for sure!!!)

Kyle also loves to play with dinosaurs, cars, and Paw Patrol stuff. He has a great imagination!

Kyle enjoys sleeping... and would probably sleep a lot more if he didn't share a room with Colby. When Colby lets him take a nap, Kyle will easily sleep for three hours in the afternoon and he's typically the first kid climbing in bed at night. He comes running into our room every morning at 8:00am when his "clock wakes up."

We discovered in January that Kyle has a penicillin allergy. Thankfully his reaction was only hives, but the doctor said if he gets it again that his reaction will probably come on faster and be worse. Hopefully we can just keep him away from it and won't have to worry about it!

Kyle broke part of his jaw a few weeks ago. He ran into Daddy's hip and chipped part of his jaw that helps hold teeth in place. Only one tooth was loose. Luckily, the tooth had no damage. It's currently bonded to the teeth on either side of it to hold it into place while his jaw heals. We go back to the dentist in a few days to get the bonding taken off.

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