Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Emily is Five!!

Emily is FIVE!!!

Emily is growing up way too fast!

Emily loves to be sarcastic, just like her Daddy. She loves to joke and make people laugh.

Emily also has a little attitude. She likes to boss her brother around, but also likes to make them cry at times. I'm really hoping the making them cry is a phase she's going through and will end soon!

Emily is loving "doing school" and learning. We've been working on reading and math mostly. She amazes me often with how much she already knows! She loves to write words...and stories... and is constantly trying to figure out what things say. She knows about 50 sight words and has lots more that she can figure out what she wants to. We've also been playing games on the computer and she's getting pretty good at figuring out how to use the computer and the mouse!!

Emily enjoys working on cars with mommy... and aimlessly wondering around Bumpa's barn and asking what everything is, what things are for, and how things work!

I think Emily is very excited that spring is almost here. She seems to really enjoy being outside. She likes to ride her bike and is excited to figure out her scooter that she got for Christmas. She also likes just being outside.

Emily's favorite toys are all of her little princess dolls. She loves to pretend with them and make them interact with each other and other toys. She also loves to color, draw, and write.

Most days, Emily does not take a nap, but she still does rest quietly for a few hours in the afternoon. She typically is a good sleeper at night and doesn't wake up when Peyton does. Most nights she goes to bed around 7:00pm and gets up when her "clock wakes up" at 8:00am.

Emily loves going to church and learning about the Bible. She asks lots of questions and we've had some pretty good conversations about salvation with her! She also loves to tell other people about the Bible and Jesus' love!

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