Monday, February 8, 2016

13 Months Old!!

I never got around to writing a post yesterday, but I did think about it a time or two when I was working on the "Pumpkin Car" or driving home.

Peyton was thirteen months old yesterday!! It still doesn't seem possible that he's a year old. I know I saw it often, but it's crazy how quickly kids grow up!

Peyton has become very opinionated...he knows what he wants and isn't to fond of being told no. He doesn't say much, but has coming very good at letting us know what he wants and how he feels. He says "ehh" and points when he wants something. And has meltdowns when he doesn't get what he wants.

Peyton is always on the go. He doesn't sit still and play in one spot for very long. He walks around looking for new stuff to explore and other things to get into.

Peyton is still nursing, but I'm trying to start to get it to be more of a schedule and less on demand. He typically nurses in the morning, after lunch, after nap, and before bed...and whenever he wakes up at night.

In the past few weeks, Peyton has started to finally really get the hang of eating table food. This is both good and bad... It's good because he's eating more and exploring new foods. It's bad because he always wants what everyone else is having...which he gets.. unless it has something in it he's allergic too. Meals around here are going to start becoming meals that can be allergy free so Peyton can eat what everyone else is having with just a little modification.

We had a follow up appointment last week with the allergist. I have tried eggs baked into things, and he seems to do fine with that. So was told to continue doing that, but still not to give him plain eggs. Was also told we could continue to give him small amounts of soy as tolerated, but it was recommended not to give him lots of it. As far as dairy goes, we still are to keep it all completely away from him. I told her about the incident a while ago when Peyton got a hold of Colby's milk cup and started having breathing issues and she said it sounds likes he started to have an anaphylactic reaction and giving him the benadryl right away slowed down the processes and allowed his body to recover. Luckily though, he still doesn't react to anything I eat, so that gives us hope that he isn't very sensitive to his allergens and that he'll out grow them!

Peyton also had his one year well visit not too long ago. He was 29 inches, 19lbs 12 oz, and his head is 46 cm around. He's growing!! All checked out well for this appointment.

Peyton loves to play with whatever his siblings are playing with, but he's also starting to enjoy playing by himself too. He likes cars...and drives them around making car noises! He has started coloring when the big kids are. He really like to eat the crayons, but he also likes to make marks on the paper.

Peyton is still very attached to mommy, but is slowly getting better. He is starting to like grandparents, aunts, and uncles more often then not. He has also started interacting a little more with some of the teens when he goes to youth group with us.

Sleeping is not one of Peyton's favorite things. He does take a decent nap in his crib most days, he still is struggling to sleep through the night most of the time. It seems like most nights he's awake at least twice and wanting to nurse. Hopefully now that he's finally starting to eat more table food, he won't be so hungry at night and will sleep a little better.

Peyton is an amazing little man. It's fun watching him grow and seeing his personality start to shine through more and more!

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