Saturday, January 9, 2016

Peyton is One!!!

Somehow a year(and two days) has passed since Peyton was born!

Peyton is into everything and anything. His preferred method of transportation is walking and he is really interested in playing with toys.. specially the ones his siblings are playing with!

Peyton's favorite toys are ones that move and make noise. If the noise is music that he can dance to, he will play with it for long periods of time. He also seems to really like cars. He drives them around making vroom noises.

Peyton's preferred food is mommy milk! He's finally starting to get the hang of puffs and pancakes... but for the most part, it its not baby food or mommy milk, he's not all that interested. He normally eats at meal times with the rest of the family and nurses whenever he wants (most days 6 or 7 times a day).

We are still working on sleeping. Peyton normally nurses to sleep around 7pm and then is up sometime between 11pm and Midnight to nurse again. And most times he also nurses around 3am, and then again between 7am and 8am, then he's up for the day. Lately he's been taking a short nap in the morning around 10, and then takes a long nap in the afternoon while the big kids are resting.

Peyton has learned when we go places, we all put on our shoes. We left a shoe at Grandma's house over Christmas and he was not a fan of not wearing shoes for a few days. He gets very excited to put his shoes on like everyone else!

Peyton likes to look outside. He loves that he's tall enough to look out most of the windows in our house and I often find him playing with blinds or curtains so that he can see outside.

Peyton still doesn't say much, but he does squeal.... mad squeals, happy squeals sad squeals, excited squeals. Sometimes it's cute...

On Peyton's birthday, he had ice cream (coconut ice cream because he's allergic to dairy!).  He seemed enjoy a couple bites of it!

We had a small birthday part today... was supposed to be bigger, but the big three kids have strep, so more than half of our guests ended up not coming. Peyton enjoyed opening his presents, but really didn't care too much about his cupcake!

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