Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Adventure Calendar Weeks Three and Four

December 15
Today we made sugar cookies! I made the dough ahead of time and the kids helped cut of the shapes!

December 16
Today we decorated the sugar cookies!

December 17
We watched Frosty the Snowman for our adventure today. We watched the new one on was like Frosty the Snowman of the Next Generation!

December 18
We went on a family drive to look at Christmas lights around Ionia.

December 19
We were going to make wreath treats... but they turned in to green blob treats. They still tasted yummy though! Aunt Katie was here too!

December 20
Today's adventure was eating a candy cane off the Christmas tree!

December 21
Today we made Christmas cards for grandparents!

December 22
Today we went shopping to buy Daddy Christmas presents. He got Mt Dew, Swiss Cake Rolls, Snickers, and Sour Gummy worms!

December 23
Today we made Jesus birthday "cupcakes." They were really brownies... but the kids thought they were cupcakes...

December 24 + 25
Because we were spending Christmas Day at Grandma's house, we did two days' worth of adventures.

We read the Christmas Story and then opened presents as a family. We gave the kids a devotional book and each a school book... and the kids got family adventures to Soaring Eagle Indoor Water Park, Chuck E Cheese, Catch Air, and Lancaster/Delaware!

Christmas Eve night, the kids put on their new jammies from Grandma and then we went to the Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at Church!

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