Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Adventure Calendar Week 2

December 8 -
The activity for this day was a fail! We were supposed to make snow flake decorations... the kids saw the scissors and were all determined to make snow flakes by themselves.. We pretty much ended up with a pile of cut up paper...

December 9 -
We watched Charlie Brown Christmas.

December 10 -
We made snowman decorations!

December 11 -
Today's activity was to read Christmas books. We read the two Christmas books we own!

December 12 -
We made snowman treats!

December 13 - 
The kids watch the Christmas Story on our kids' Bible on DVD.

December 14 - 
We went to Meijer and each kiddo picked out a toy for Toys for Tots! Emily picked out Frozen Toys (just like the ones Buddy gave her!). Kyle picked out a Paw Patrol truck. Colby picked out a Micky puzzle. Peyton picked out a car!

We also got to go play at Catch Air! They have a promotion right now for free admission for each toy donated to Toys for Tots! (This wasn't planned... I saw the promotion this morning...and since we were buying toys to donate anyways we took advantage of it!)

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