Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Adventure Calendar Week 1

December 1 - We set up the Christmas Tree! We got a new (bigger) tree!

December 2 - We got out our Little People Nativity Set! Within five minutes, all four kids were fighting over Baby Jesus!

December 3 - We put our Nativity Window Clings up!

December 4 - We went to the Ionia Christmas Light Parade! Grandma Franks joined us!

December 5 - We colored Wreaths to put up as decorations!

December 6 - We went to our church's Live Nativity! We road in a horse drawn wagon and saw Daddy dressed up as a Shepard. Grandma Franks went with us and we also saw Grandma and Grandpa Eubank there! (But we didn't take any pictures.)

December 7 - We made Gingerbread Houses! And then ate them!

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