Monday, December 7, 2015

11 Months Old!

In one short month this little man will be a year old! It's crazy how fast time can seem to move!

Peyton has becoming proficient at walking! It's his preferred way to get around... other than mommy carrying him! He's also gotten good at climbing and getting around things in his way. I'm pretty sure if I allowed him to have enough time and didn't stop him in the process, he could get over the gates blocking the kitchen! Luckily though, he hasn't tried climbing out of his crib yet!

Peyton is still a boob boy! He loves to cuddle mommy and nurse! Today, when I was getting ready, he knew it was time and started clapping and said "Yay!" He still nurses on demand... some days that means every few hours and other days it means three times during the day.

Peyton still isn't a fan of much food besides baby food.... and sometimes he doesn't even like that. He's finally gotten to the point where he will suck on crackers until they are soggy and eat a little bit of them, but for the most part, anything with any sort of texture makes him gag and puke.

We had allergy testing done a few weeks ago. Peyton is allergic to cow's milk, goat's milk, eggs, and soy as far as foods go. He's also allergic to lots of environmental stuff, just like Colby. He was put on a few allergy meds and they seem to be helping. The allergist told me to keep eating everything Peyton is allergic too since it doesn't seem to be bothering him through my milk....and he encouraged me to keep on nursing him as long as he will nurse in hopes that it will help "heal" some of his allergies like it has Colby! (I was already planning on "extended breastfeeding"... but now I have a "doctor's note" to do so!)

Peyton still isn't the best sleeper. If I time things right, I can normally get a two hour naps from him after lunch time. At night, he normally goes to bed around 8. Sometimes he sleep until 4 or 5 am, nurse and goes back to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up every few hours to nurse. One of these days I'm sure he'll consistently sleep through the night.. I'm just not counting on it being any time soon!

Peyton is into everything and curious about everything! He loves to watch his brothers and sister play and then try to imitate them... or mess up whatever they are playing with! He's a big fan of cars. He pushes them around on the ground and plays with them just like the big boys do!

Peyton has two teeth! I can't feel or see anymore. The first one came in without any issues... the second was caused a crazy high fever and crabby boy!

Peyton is not fan of bathtime! He screams and screams and screams... but if he's on the outside of the tub while the other three are in it, he does everything he can to climb in.. and when he gets in, he SCREAMS!

Peyton doesn't really say a whole lot yet! He'll gab if the other kids are being quiet or aren't around... and he'll let you know when he's not happy about something... but he really doesn't say too much yet. He does know how to shake his head "no" though...and does often! He also waves bye bye to people!

Brent says that Peyton loves Daddy more than mommy... I think it's true most of the time... when he wants to eat or in the middle of the night, he loves mommy more!

Peyton loves to be worn! He gets very excited when he sees me getting the wrap or carrier out. He recently has started being worn on my back during the day when I need to do make lunch! He also loves to ride on daddy's shoulders!

Peyton is a pretty good listener when he's told no or not to do something. (He's even left the Christmas tree alone so far!)

Peyton is getting to be a little more social. He does okay hanging out with Grandma Franks is mommy is out of sight. He's also gotten over his fear of Aunt Kara. But, when there are lots of people around, he still likes to be close to mommy or daddy and isn't a fan of strangers!

Peyton is growing into such an amazing little boy. I am so thankful that God has given him to us and am excited to see what is in store for him!

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