Friday, November 27, 2015

Thank You Tree

We started the tradition of making a Thank You tree during the month of November a few years ago. Every night we write something on a leaf that we are thankful for. As the kids are getting older and starting to understand more, I'm enjoying it a lot more and enjoying hearing all the different things they are thankful for. We tried really hard not to let them repeat things this year...but they did get away with it once or twice!

(I forgot to take pictures... but will in the next day or two and add them to this post)

Keyla Brent Emily Kyle Colby
Jesus Romans 5:8 Robin Sharks Jesus
Brent Keyla Bonnie Colby Daddy
Emily, Kyle Colby, Peyton Our family Mommy and Daddy Kyle Bonnie
Mom, Michael, Dad teenagers Elephants Mommy and Daddy Bugs
In-laws parents Megan Our family Bonnie
Grandparents sleep Kyle Emily Mommy
Our house ICI Peyton Peyton Emily
Our church Mondays Sleep Mommy Peyton
Mondays dishwasher ICI Daddy Kyle
Internet pantless two year old cross treasure iPad
friends house shark Bonnie cookies
food smiles Queen and Mater bed Mater from Grandma
Focus and Traverse food roses ICI leap pad
Uncle Larry cloth diapers fall barn (that Ian made) bed
Sucessful Breastfeeding Chesco M candy green boob
Seasons memories Grandpa flag candy
Car friends white blood cells alphabet hippos rainboys
teens P's and Q's strawberry picking crayons crayons
health sports smiles houses #88
sleep vacuum chocolate chip cookies spider hamburger Queen and Mater
education people in the house boat chocolate chip cookies dinosours
cutlass sarcasum snow Bumpa babies
electricity fork truck pumpkin Peyton's Face food truck
cell phones ice cream Colby lots of people cars
games God is in control ice cream doors Colby
clean water Chee Peng Peyton Matt Peyton
family gatherings board games Buddy circles boob

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