Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ten Months Old

Somehow this little man is already ten months old!

Peyton is very much a mommy's boy. Normally he wants to be near mommy or on top of mommy or in momm'y arms. He likes daddy a lot too... He's starting to like more people, but still wants mommy over anyone else most of the time.

Peyton is still breastfeeding like a champ! He gets all excited when it's time to nurse... often he will clap his hands and lick his lips while he is waiting for me to unhook my bra and tank top and be ready for him. He's also started to get mad when Colby nurses if he's not nursing at the same time. It's kind of funny...and kind of annoying!

Peyton is loving solids too... most of the time. He's normally not a fan of getting in his highchair, but once he's in there, he normally loves to eat baby food. He doesn't really care for anything with textures yet. He has had puffs a few time, but after choking and puking, he won't let one anywhere near his mouth. Every once in a while we can get him to eat a rice krispy, and he will eat mushed up bananas all day long... but for the most part he sticks to his baby food and boob milk!

Peyton loves to drink from cups with straws. Only about half of what he drinks gets into  his belly because he opens his mouth when he gets excited that something came out of the straw!

Peyton is crawling and walking and climbing all over. He's still a little wobbly when he walks, but he's getting better every day!

Peyton is wearing pretty much all nine month clothes right now. There are a few other random things in his drawers, but the nine months is what fit him the best right now!

Peyton normally is up for the day between 7 and 8 am. He normally takes a morning nap while nursing around 10, and then most days he takes a nap in the afternoon after lunch. Sometimes his nap is a half an hour and other times he'll sleep for three hours! At night, he typically goes to bed around 8 pm and sleeps for a few hours. Most nights, he still wants to nurse two or three times during the night.

Peyton has a tooth! A few days ago it just appeared. One day I noticed the white bump on his gum, and then the next day it had broken through. He wasn't cranky at first, but after it broke through he got cranky.

Personality wise, Peyton is a spunky little boy! He loves to laugh and loves to get into everything he can. He loves to give snuggles and kisses and smiles! As long as mommy is somewhere in the area, he's a very joyful little boy!

We love our littlest man and wouldn't trade him for anything!

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