Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pictures of Our New House!

It's taken a while... but I've finally gotten pictures of all the rooms and can post. I don't have any of the outside yet... maybe at some point I will take a few! 

The toy room...

The kitchen... there are now child gates on either side of the kitchen!

Emily and Peyton's room...

The kids' bathroom..

Kyle and Colby's room...

From the toy room looking down the hall and kitchen to the living room and dinner room...

Mommy and Daddy's room...

The laundry room / storage room... (Sorry it's sideways!)

Mommy and Daddy's bathroom... (again, sorry about it being sideways!)

The dinner room... to the right is the hallway to the toy room and kids room and to the left is the hall to the master and the laundry room....

The living room... the front door is to the right of the picture...

Looking towards the kitchen and toy room...

41 Weeks Old

Peyton wasn't very cooperative... so I only got two pictures!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

9 Month Well Visit

Peyton had his nine month well visit yesterday.

He was 27.5 inches tall, 17 lbs 10 oz, and his head is 45.3 cm around.

Everything checked out well. We are going to go see the allergist for allergy testing though since he has had some reactions to a few different foods.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

39 Weeks and Nine Months Old

For some reason Blogger messed up the order of the pictures and won't let me change it... so the pictures are all mixed up!

I have been struggling to take weekly pictures since we moved... but I got them this week while we had the blocks and camera out for Nine Month pictures.. so they are mixed in. As about this time with the other kiddos, block pictures are getting harder because Peyton just wants to eat the blocks and won't sit still! And he wants to grab at the camera!

Peyton is on the go! He's crawling, furniture walking, and taking a few steps here and there. He loves to play with the cabinets in the kitchen (still trying to figure out what I want to do to keep the kitchen safe) and he loves to stand and look out the front screen/glass door. He still loves to be worn, but when he's not in a carrier, most of the time he would prefer to be down, playing, and exploring.

Most days, Peyton loves to eat solids. He seems like to fruits over veggies, so we have started buying the combo foods so that he gets some veggies without having to fight about it. He's gotten a few hives from green beans, so we are staying away from those. Everything else we've tried so far seems to be okay though.

Peyton loves to nurse even more than he loves to eat solids. He nurses like a champ four or five times during the day, then at night before bed and whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night.

Sleep wise, Peyton is all over the place. Most days he wakes up between 7am and 8am, takes a nap after lunch, and then goes to bed between 7pm and 8pm. If we take a car ride, all bets are off though. Normally, if we are in the car for more than 10 minutes, he's out and then I can't get him to go back to sleep when we get home. At night, he's norm has been waking up two or three times to nurse... although we have had some long stretches the past few nights, so I'm hoping we are on our way to better night time sleep!

For the most part, Peyton still isn't a fan of other people... specially women. He'll laugh and smile and such... but if someone besides Mommy and Daddy are holding him or try to pick him up, there is a really good chance that he will cry.

Peyton loves to clap if people around him are clapping. He's also started clapping recently when he gets a clean diaper!

If Peyton here's music (and he's not in his car seat), there's a good chance that he will try to dance. He stands holding on to something and bounces up and down and shakes his little butt! And has a huge smile on his face the whole time that he's doing it! It's pretty cute.

Peyton HATES bath time. When we moved, we started giving him baths with the big kids and he SCREAMS the whole time. He's also not a fan of sitting on the floor while taking a shower with mommy or daddy... so I think it has something to do with the floor/bathtub that it does with the fact he's in a bath with a bunch of crazies! He does enjoy showers though if mommy or daddy is holding him.

One of my favorite things that this kid does is grab my face (and daddy's and the big kids') and give kisses! Open mouth, wet, slobbery kisses! He knows what he's doing too because not only does he do it when he wants, but he'll give me kisses most of the time when I ask for them!

I just pulled the rest of the 3-6 month clothes out of Peyton's dresser. He now has 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. The 6 month jammies are too short for him, but everything else still fits him well and the 6-9 month clothes seem a little big still.

I'm not sure what else to say...other than we love this little man so much and are more grateful than words can express for him.... so just enjoy the last few pictures of my little!   :)