Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Five Months Old

Peyton turned five months old on Sunday. I didn't forget...we were on Power Tour for the day and then yesterday we were recovering from our busy weekend!

This little guy loves to smile and giggle. Every once in a while, we can get a good belly laugh from him. He has started to easily give away smiles to pretty much anyone who talks to him.

Peyton's newest skill is rolling over from his back to his belly. He has a few times naked in the past, but his diaper seemed to be stopping him for a while. A few days ago, he finally got over the diaper and now rolls over and then gets mad because he doesn't want to be on his belly.

Peyton also spins in circles on his back and scoots around. We have to be careful now laying him on things (the bed...couches..) because he doesn't stay where we put him anymore.

We are starting to work on breaking him of being swaddled when he's sleeping. He seems to be okay once he's asleep, but it's takes a little longer for him to fall asleep with an arm out.

Peyton is still awesome at nursing. He has gotten to the point that he sees boob and knows its time to eat he gets all excited and grabs on! During the day he's nursing every three or four hours. At night... it all just depends. Most night, he goes about eight hours, nurses, and then goes back to sleep for another three or four hours.

Peyton still isn't really on much of a schedule during the day. He normally is up for the day between 7am and 8am... and then we just kind of go with the flow for the day. Normally he takes a few short cat naps and one long three or four hour nap. He goes down for the night around 7pm when we put the big kids to bed.

Peyton likes people and likes to have someone paying attention to him. He does okay for a few minutes just playing by himself... but after a few minutes he wants someone to talk to him or play with him. He also enjoys sitting up and watching the big kids play.

Peyton has finally outgrown his 3 month jammies... but 3 month clothes still fit him. He's wearing a mixture of 3 month and 3-6 month clothes.

Peyton is not a fan of his car seat. He always got hot in his infant seat after a while and would scream. A few weeks ago, he threw up in his seat...so much there was a puddle under his seat... and we couldn't get it all cleaned up... So we switched to his convertible seat thinking he would do better in that because he wouldn't get as hot. Well.. he just screams and screams and screams most of the time. We are still debating if we want to try a different seat for him..or just hope he grows out of it.

 The poor kid seems to suffer from environmental allergies just like his big brother.. So far he's just been stuffy... and we haven't needed to do much for it. Hopefully he'll out grow it and won't have as many issues as Colby.

It's amazing that it's already been five months with this little man in our lives. He brings us so much joy and we are truly blessed to be able to watch him grow and develop!

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