Wednesday, May 20, 2015

19 Weeks Old

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Colby Update

Potty Training
Colby is pretty much completely potty trained. About two weeks after he started wearing underwear during the day, he started keeping his diaper dry at night at at rest time. So now he is in underwear 100% of the time!
The only down side to this is he uses it as an excuse to get out of bed during rest time. He often stands at his door yelling and if someone doesn't come help him go to the bathroom right away, he goes on the floor. He has started taking his pants and underwear off, so normally there is just a mess on the floor... but most of the time it's poop. :(

After give days of the new dosages of allergy meds, Colby was still wheezing a lot and having a hard time catching his breathe, so I called the doctor back on Wednesday. She ordered a nebulizer for him and he's doing breathing treatments with albuterol. Currently we are doing both morning and night time treatments and it seems to be helping a great deal. The allergist said to to do two treatments a day or a week and then cut back to just night time treatments. Once we feel he's doing better, we can cut back to as needed.
He does really well with the treatments... he sits really still and holds his mask to his face. I think he likes watching the "smoke!"

Weight Gain
After his weight check in the beginning of April, we bought a scale so that we could check Colby's weight often at home. He is still very slowly gaining weight... according to our scale he's up about half a pound in the past six weeks!

18 Weeks Old

I'm posting these a little late... but I did take them on the right day :)

Peyton's Four Month Check Up

Last Monday, Peyton had a well check.

Peyton was 12lbs 12oz...24 inches long...and had a head circumference of 41.1cm.

He seems huge, but he's in between where Kyle and Colby were at four months... so he's really not that big... 10th percentile for weight and I don't remember what he said for height.

No real concerns for Peyton. His GERD seems to be under control well with his meds, so we are just going to continue doing what we are doing for that. He's growing and eating well and everything else!

Back in February when he was in the hospital (the first time... for the crazy high fever), they did an ultrasound and found that one of his kidney's had some inflammation. There really wasn't much concern about it and they were pretty sure it was just caused by him being sick. But... we are doing a follow up ultrasound this upcoming Monday just to double check that all is well.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Four Months Old!

I'm a day late... but I have four kiddos to keep up with... so I think a day late it pretty good! ;)

I can't believe this kid is already four months old! The past four months have gone by so quickly...and yet so slowly at the same time!

Peyton is generally a happy and smiley boy.... as long as we remember to give him his reflux meds! He loves to look around and watch people, specially is siblings, and see what's going on. Normally he doesn't make people work to hard for a smile, but you're lucky (or mommy) if you can get an easy laugh out of him!

Peyton is starting to play with toys. The big kids think its great that he's actual holding on to toys and playing with stuff. He enjoys laying on his play mat and playing with the toys hanging over head. He's recently started to enjoy his extra-saucer as well. He's a little small for it still, but does okay for a few minutes at a time.

The one thing Peyton does not enjoy is his car seat. He does okay for short trips, but if he's in his seat for too long and gets too hot, he is very sure to let everyone know he is not happy! The other kids all switched to their convertible seats around 7 months, but I think we are going to switch Peyton in the next few weeks to see if it helps make car rides more enjoyable.

Peyton is still a champ when it comes to nursing. He's eating every three to four hours during the day. At night... it all really depends. Sometimes he eats once in the middle of the night, sometimes he eats three times in the middle of the night, and other times he will sleep for ten hours or so...

During the day, Peyton normally takes a short morning nap for about an hour, and then a three to four hour nap in the afternoon. His naps are normally downstairs in his swing. Eventually I'll start to put him in his crib for nap time....but right now it's easier just to keep him downstairs.

Peyton normally goes down for the night around 7:00pm or so when we put the big kids in bed and then is up for the day around 7:00am. He normally eats around 7:00am and sometimes will go back to sleep...if he goes back to sleep and I can keep the big kids quiet when their clocks turn on at 8:00, he will sleep until 9:30 or so. He is sleeping in his crib at night! Sometimes he gets brought into bed with us, but mostly stays in his crib.

Peyton loves to be worn. If I wear him in my Solly Baby Wrap or my Lillebaby Carrier, he's normally out within a few minutes. If I wear him in my Maya Ring Sling, he's normally content looking around for a while, but eventually falls asleep. I think he just likes being close to mommy! :)

Tummy time is getting better for this little man. He prefers to do tummy time with the Boppy pillow, but tolerates it on the floor for a few minutes. He can roll from his back to his tummy if he's completely naked, but gets mad quickly because he can't get his arms in position to hold him up.

Peyton is mostly wearing 3 month clothes, but some 3-6 month. I have a feeling in the next week or so, 3 month jammies and other one piece stuff is going to be too short for him. He's growing and growing! (We go to the doctor on Monday, so then we'll know how big he is!

Peyton enjoys sucking on his pacifier...and whatever else he can get into his mouth. When we get back from Chicago in July, we'll start to transition away from his pacifier.

Colby, Kyle, and Emily love their little brother! They love to help mommy take care of him! :)

Most days, I think Peyton is going to have brown eyes.

Peyton enjoys bath time. He seems to just relax and enjoy it. Hopefully that means he'll like the pool when we get it out this summer.

We love Peyton and he's such a blessing in our lives.
He make weird faces that often remind me of Bumpa. I'm not sure if they really look like a face he would make or if I am just trying to see it because I miss him so much. But either way, God is using this kidlet (and the other three) to help heal my heart.

And just because they all wanted to have their picture taken together!

Colby's Allergies

Colby has been congested, coughing, wheezing, and so on from this lovely spring weather.
Last week we started his allergy meds again, but they really haven't seemed to help...
So we went to the allergist today....

We are going to stick with the same three oral meds we used last year, but use updated dosages for his current age/weight. We are going to try it for a week and see how he does. If he's still wheezy and coughing next week, we'll also add a daily breathing treatment.

He's pretty much allergic to everything and anything alive outside...grass, trees, weeds, flowers.... And bees...