Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Potty Training Colby

I'm pretty sure Colby had been ready to be potty trained for a while, I'll just haven't been ready to put the effort into it with everything else going on.

So... Wednesday after he pooped first thing in the morning and asked to wear his spidey underwear I decided to jump on in....

Day 1 (Wednesday)
Brent changed Colby's diaper when he got up and then when he helped the kids get dressed, he let Colby put underwear on Oct his diaper.  Shortly after breakfast he pooped in his diaper. Once I gother him cleaned up, he insisted on no diaper and just his underwear so I just kind of went with it.
All morning I asked him every ten minutes or so if he needed to sit on the potty and made sure he dI'd about every half an hour.  We made it through the morning with no accidents!
At nap time, I put a diaper on him but he woke up dry and managed to stay dry all afternoon.
We went to church for dinner and Brent up a diaper in him before we left and he wore a diaper to bed.

Day 2 (Thursday)
Colby woke up with a poopy diaper... and brought me a wipe and a pair of underwear to put on once he was cleaned up. He did good with no accidents all morning.
At lunch time, he did have an accident while eating. He took almost an hour to eat and I forgot to keep asking him about going potty. He didn't even tell me he had an accident until it he was all done eating. I got him cleaned up, he sat on the potty and peed a ton, then I put a diaper on him for rest time.
After rest time, Colby did good sitting on the potty all afternoon. He did have another accident during dinner, but stayed dry other than that. At night, he wore a diaper.

Day 3 (Friday)
Colby woke up and wanted to go potty right away. His night time diaper was only damp. He did good until about 11am... then he pooped in his underwear. But made it through the rest of the day without any more accidents.

On Saturday, Colby got some more Spidey underwear (he only had three pairs) and has been very excited to wear them ever since. We've had a few tears at rest time and at night time because he doesn't want to wear a diaper.

Colby has been doing very well telling us when he needs to go potty most of the time. I've been trying to remember to ask him every ten minutes or so. He's had a couple accidents.. they've all been when he's been busy playing and I forgot to remind him that he had underwear on instead of a diaper. I've also been trying to make him sit on the potty before Peyton nurses... because if I don't, without fail, Colby will tell me he needs to go potty while Peyton is eating.

I'm hoping he continues to do well and these first few days are a good indication that he really was ready to be potty trained!

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