Saturday, March 21, 2015

Peyton's Second ER Visit, First Ambulance Ride, and Second Hospital Admission

All week, Peyton has been stuffy and had a cough...

On Thursday, all of a sudden Peyton was choking on mucus and coughing and turned blue...and then stopped breathing... and then started breathing... and then did it all over again...

Once he was breathing semi normal again, I called our pediatricians office and spoke to a nurse. The nurse told me to take Peyton to the ER in Ionia so that he didn't have to ride in the back seat for 45 minutes to Lansing when he was having issues breathing.

I called one of our teenagers to come over and watch the big kids and I took Peyton a few blocks to the hospital.

When I walked into the hospital with Peyton, he was blue again.. and we were taken right back. Once he got stable... we went back to the waiting room until there was a room available. Once there was a room available, we were taken back again and hooked Peyton was hooked back up to the monitors again. The doctor come in pretty quickly and after hearing what happened and examining him Peyton, he decided we were going to be transported to Lansing by ambulance to be admitted.

The doctor called and talked to the doctors in the peds unit in Lansing. That doctor wanted labs and a chest xray done before he was transferred and the ambulance needed to have IV access.

So, we went and got a chest xray... and then when we got back from xray, the nurses tried to get blood and start an IV. The nurse got the IV in on the first try and got the blood that was needed for labs, but then when she flushed the line, the vein blew. They attempted several more times and then decided to take a break... a little while later, the first nurse tried again and finally got an IV in.

Shortly after he had his IV, the doctor came back in and said Peyton's RSV swab came back positive, RSV isn't good, but at least we had an answer as to why the little man was so sick.

A little while later, Lansing called to let us know they finally had a room ready for Peyton.

So then we road in the ambulance to Lansing... it was a long trip. Peyton had to be in his car seat and his car seat was strapped to the stretcher. Peyton was having a hard time being in his car seat and kept having to have oxygen on the way. It made me feel a lot better about riding in the ambulance and not taking him to Lansing myself.

Once we finally go there and got all checked in, Peyton calmed down and started breathing a little easier. It was hooked up to the monitors and checked out by a few doctors....

Throughout the night and all day Friday, Peyton did okay. His had to have oxygen a few times and had lots of snot sucked out of his nose....

Friday night we were sent home with instructions to follow up with our pediatrician and to return to the ER if he had more problems breathing.

RSV is a long lasting virus and will hang out in Peyton's body for a long time...The doctor said he will probably cough for the next six weeks or so...

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