Saturday, February 7, 2015

One Month Old!

Mr Peyton is a month old!!

I feel like most of the month has kind of been a blur... but I'll try to get the important stuff! :)

Mr Peyton is a very happy and content baby for the most part. Although, most of the time he has a look of concern on his face...this may having something to do with the three big crazies!

Peyton is a good sleeper during the day. If we are just home, he normally takes a three hour morning nap, a three hour evening nap, and then a few cat naps here and there.

At night, Peyton doesn't sleep well unless he's in bed with us. We try leaving him in his pack'n'play in our room as much as possible, but normally end up bring him into our bed so that we can all get some sleep!

And he ALWAYS sleeps in a swaddle!

Peyton is a nursing champ! I'm feeding him just whenever he wants to eat, but normally during the day, he eats every three hours or so. At night, he normally cluster feeds after the big kids go to bed, and then eats every four or five hours.

Reflux wise, the meds seem to be helping some. He still is in some pain, but it is better than it was. Hopefully in another couple days, he will be all good and we won't have any more issues.

Peyton is still wearing newborn clothes, but a few of them are starting to get too short, so soon we are going to have to pull out the 0-3 months.

I gave in when he was two weeks old and gave Peyton a pacifier. He's not a huge fan on it, but it sometimes helps him calm down when he just wants to suck on something. We are trying not to use it too often, but it's nice to have it as an option.

Peyton already seems to have a strong neck. He likes to look around and watch what's going on. He seems to enjoy tummy time... when he doesn't fall asleep!

We are very thankful for the amazing little boy God has blessed us with!

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