Saturday, February 28, 2015

Peyton's First ER Visit and Hospital Admission

On Monday afternoon/evening, Peyton started to get really fussy. He was acting like is belly hurt and pretty much just cried...and cried...and cried. I figured it was something I ate and didn't think a whole lot of it..

About midnight, he woke up screaming. When I picked him up, I felt really warm. I had Brent get the thermometer while I changed his diaper. His temp was 101.5. I called our pediatrician's office to talk to the on-call doctor... while it's not a crazy high temp, a temp in a baby less than three months old is very concerning.

The on-call doctor quickly called back and told me that I needed to take him to the ER. She said if we could, it probably would be best to go to Lansing, as there is a peds ER at the Sparrow main campus, but she also said it would be okay to go to Ionia if we needed to. I didn't really want to drive all the way to Lansing and knew that I couldn't go into the ER there by my self (it's where Michael was taken...), so I took Peyton to the Sparrow in Ionia.

When we got there, they took Peyton's temp again and it was the same as what I had gotten at home. The doctor came in quickly and checked him all out. He ordered a bunch of blood work, a nasal swab, and a chest x-ray. He explained fevers in new babies are very alarming and treated very seriously and require a large work up to make sure it's nothing serious since he can't say "my head hurts" or likewise.

They quickly worked to draw blood and start an IV. Once his IV was going, we were taken for a chest x-ray. Once tests started to come back negative, the doctor ordered some Tylenol in hopes of bring down Peyton's fever. About 4am, his temp was finally down to 100.1 (100.4 is considered a fever). Once the IV fluids were done, we were discharged with directions to take Peyton to the main campus of Sparrow to the ER if  his fever got back up to 101 again or to follow up with his doctor in the morning. Finally around 5am, we got home and crawled back into bed. (On a side note... I was very impressed with the doctor and the nurses that took care of Peyton. I'm normally nervous taking my kids to the ER or Walk-In Clinic in Ionia, but they did a great job at this visit!)

Tuesday morning when we woke up, Peyton's temp was back up to 100.9. I called our pediatrician's office and took Peyton in at 11:00. Luckily we saw our normal doctor! Peyton screamed pretty much the whole way there and the whole time we were there. His doctor was concerned that he was inconsolable. He wanted me to try to nurse Peyton to see if that would calm him down. He eventually latched on for about 2 minutes and then fell asleep.

Peyton's doctor explained that at this age, Peyton is in a gray area for recommended treatment. Apparently, any baby with a fever under 6 weeks is automatically admitted to the hospital and started on antibiotics. At 6 to 8 weeks, it's a gray area if we just wait and see what happens or admit the baby. His doctor said that he was really on the fence about what to do, so he wanted us to head home and see how he did. He had me make a follow up appointment for Wednesday (the next day) and gave me a lab slip to have more labs done before the appointment. He told me though that if his fever started to go up any more or if he started screaming again, to give him a call.

We headed home and shortly after we left, Peyton started crying again and cried most of the way home. He was a little bit better once we got home, but soon his temp started to climb again and he was very fussy. I called the peds office and then waited for his doctor to call back. When he called, he decided the best option would be to admit Peyton for 48 hours of observation just in case he took a sudden turn for the worse. Right now the hospital isn't doing any direct admits and is wanted patients to be admitted through the ER, but because of our "situation," Peyton's doctor called and got the okay to do a direct admit for him.

About 2pm, Peyton and I headed back to the hospital. When we got there, we were sent to the peds unit and put in room 534... the same room Colby was in a year ago! (I am proud of my self... there were very few tears walking into the hospital and pass the ER...but I am very grateful that we were able to do a direct admit and I didn't have to go into the ER...)

The doctor came in shortly after we were there and asked lots of questions about what was going on with Peyton. It was determined that we needed to have a few more tests ran just to rule stuff out. They did a lumbar puncture to check for meningitis, a few more labs, another nasal swab, and an abdominal ultrasound. They also started him on IV fluids. Luckily, Peyton was seeming to feel a little better. He did still have a fever, but wasn't constantly screaming.

All of his tests kept coming back negative.. which was good, but didn't give us any answers as to what was going on. (His ultrasound did show some dilation in his kidneys, but the urologist determined it was nothing to do with his fever and may just be from all the extra fluids. We were told to follow up with his pediatrician about it and would most likely have another ultrasound in a month or so to double check things.)

By Wednesday morning, Peyton's fever was gone and he was started to act like his normal self again. He was starting to get congested though and his reflux was worse than normal, so he still wasn't "all better." During rounds on Wednesday, the wanted to try to give him some gas drops to help settle his belly and use suction to clean out his nose... both seemed to help. They told us that we still needed to wait until the 48 hour mark on the blood and urine cultures that were done in the ER, but as long as those were good and Peyton's temp stayed normal, that we would be discharged on Thursday morning.

Thursday morning finally came around, and we were discharge. The official guess for the cause of Peyton's fever was an upper respiratory infection.

I was once again impressed with the doctors and nurses at Sparrow. Like any hospital, it has its downfalls, but I was impressed with how much the they all seemed to care and wanted to make sure my baby boy was getting everything that he needed!

He's been good for the most part since we've been home. He still is a little congested, but so are the other three kiddos. As of right now, we are just going to follow up when Peyton has his two month well visit.

Daddy brought the big kids to come visit a couple times and they enjoyed playing with the big toys in the hallways and hanging out in Peyton's crib and watching TV. Grandma Franks, Aunt Kara, and Unlce Ian all came to visit too.

And... we didn't do Peyton's seven week block pictures... because we were in the hospital on Wednesday.. opps!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

One Month Old!

Mr Peyton is a month old!!

I feel like most of the month has kind of been a blur... but I'll try to get the important stuff! :)

Mr Peyton is a very happy and content baby for the most part. Although, most of the time he has a look of concern on his face...this may having something to do with the three big crazies!

Peyton is a good sleeper during the day. If we are just home, he normally takes a three hour morning nap, a three hour evening nap, and then a few cat naps here and there.

At night, Peyton doesn't sleep well unless he's in bed with us. We try leaving him in his pack'n'play in our room as much as possible, but normally end up bring him into our bed so that we can all get some sleep!

And he ALWAYS sleeps in a swaddle!

Peyton is a nursing champ! I'm feeding him just whenever he wants to eat, but normally during the day, he eats every three hours or so. At night, he normally cluster feeds after the big kids go to bed, and then eats every four or five hours.

Reflux wise, the meds seem to be helping some. He still is in some pain, but it is better than it was. Hopefully in another couple days, he will be all good and we won't have any more issues.

Peyton is still wearing newborn clothes, but a few of them are starting to get too short, so soon we are going to have to pull out the 0-3 months.

I gave in when he was two weeks old and gave Peyton a pacifier. He's not a huge fan on it, but it sometimes helps him calm down when he just wants to suck on something. We are trying not to use it too often, but it's nice to have it as an option.

Peyton already seems to have a strong neck. He likes to look around and watch what's going on. He seems to enjoy tummy time... when he doesn't fall asleep!

We are very thankful for the amazing little boy God has blessed us with!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4 Weeks Old and a "Sick" Visit to the Doctor

To celebrate being four weeks ago, Mr. Peyton had his first "sick" visit to the doctor. He's been a gassy baby since he was born, but the past week or so, it has gotten worse. He was having lots of issues burping and spitting up...and sometimes it was causing breathing issues. So we decided to take him in. The doctor confirmed my suspicions of acid reflux and put him on medicine for it. Hopefully it helps and we can all (really, just mommy and Peyton) can start sleeping better again!

Also, the little dude weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz today!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Colby's Second Birthday Party!

We had a small and quick birthday party for Colby yesterday.

Kyle and Emily had fun "helping" Colby open his presents... Peyton enjoyed sleeping through the entire party!

Colby even got one very special last birthday present from Bumpa. He bought it after Christmas for Colby... it was a set of puzzles... There may have been a few tears as he opened it...

Colby seemed to enjoy being the center of attention...and seemed to like it when we sang Happy Birthday to him!

And then we played...