Friday, January 2, 2015

A Long Week

On Tuesday, I had my weekly OB check up. It was rough to start with because my doctor was running way late... Which is weird because she's normally right on time.
When I was finally taken back, I stepped on the scale on the way...and I was down two pounds from the pervious week.
Then I waited a while in the room and the doctor finally came in. My belly measured okay. Then she listened to his heart and right away I knew something wasn't right from the way it sounded. Her expression quickly changed to one of concern. She said what we were hearing was a heart block and she was referring me to see the high risk OB for a fetal echo.

It's been a worrisome week waiting for the high risk doctor to call so we can figure out what's going on with Peyton's heart. We still don't have an appointment, but hopefully we will before I go into labor.

Thursday I had contractions on and off most of the day...and just as I was thinking we probably should head to the hospital, they stopped!

This morning I woke up about 2am puking and couldn't stop; nothing would stay in my belly. About 10:30 I finally gave up and called the doctor. The on call doctor suggested giving it a little long and trying water again, and if that didn't work, to head to labor and delivery for iv fluids. So I drank some water...and it stayed down for about ten minutes.

So I took a trip to the hospital and laid in a bed hooked up to monitors and an iv. After two bags of fluids and some zofran in my iv, I finally didn't feel like puking! So I drank some apple juice and once we know I wasn't going to throw up, I was discharged and sent home!

On the plus side though, Peyton was on the monitor for a while when I got here and his heart sounds great today....perfectly normal! No weird rhythm and no skipping beats! Was told though it's still a good idea to see the high risk for the fetal echo though just to be safe.

Brent is at winter camp this weekend with the teens. So we are hoping that Peyton stays put until Monday so Brent can stay and enjoy camp... and if he's still in on Tuesday, then my doctor will strip my membranes at my appointment on Tuesday and we'll see what happens. One way or another though this little boy is coming out sometime in the next two weeks!

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