Friday, December 19, 2014

Colby's Week of Doctors

On Wednesday Colby had his surgery to put tubes in his ears.

We had to be at the hospital at 7:45, so we got the kiddos out of bed at 6:00 and put them in the car. We dropped Kyle and Emily off at Grandma and Grandpa's house about 7:00 and headed up to Sparrow. We got all checked in and ready to go...and then we waited...and waited... Colby didn't seem to mind too much. He was enjoying his silly hat and having all of mommy and daddy's attention.

About 9:30 Brent and Colby went to the OR and a few minutes later Brent joined my in the waiting room. About 15 minutes later, the doctor came and told us that everything went great. There was no sign of a current infection, but he did drain a little fluid out of each ear before he stuck the tubes in.

As soon as the doctor was done talking to us, someone was waiting to take us back to recovery to see Colby. He wasn't a very happy camper when we got there, but after a few cuddles, he started nursing and was content. Colby and I rode back up to the Peds unit in a wheel chair while he was nursing. They took his vitals when we got there and told us as soon as he was done nursing, we could get him dressed and be on our way. He nursed for a bit and then drank some water and by 10:30 we were in the van headed to eat lunch and then to get the big crazies.

He took a short nap in the van on the way home and was a little crabby the rest of the day, but over all was fine. He didn't want to go to bed at night, so he got a few extra cuddles, but once he fell asleep, he slept all night! On Thursday, he was back to his normally happy and goofy self and he hasn't complained once about his ears hurting.

This morning Colby had a follow up appointment with the allergist. When we were there over the summer, she wanted us to slowly and carefully try to introduce the foods he had been reacting to after we got the gluten out of his system. He has tolerated everything fine except for peanuts, so we've still been avoid those and tree nuts.

He tested higher than before for peanuts and tree nuts and all of his environmental allergies were the same or higher. So, we are going to keep avoiding what we have been, keep carrying his epi pen and Benadryl, and keep doing our best to keep the little dude safe. She said come spring he will probably need to start talking singular again, but we will wait for him to start to have allergy symptoms before we start it.

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