Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Colby's Ears

Colby has had five ear infections since February.

His most recent one was diagnosed two weeks before Thanksgiving. He was seen at a walk in clinic in town, so I called his pediatrician and asked for a referral to an ENT.

He finished up his antibiotics the day before Thanksgiving. A few days before his antibiotics were done, he started complaining about about his ears hurting.

On Black Friday, we took him to a peds urgent care because our peds office was closed and I really wanted him to be seen by a pediatrician. She checked his ears the best she could, but saw LOTS of hard wax build up. It took some work to be able to actually see his ear drums. She wasn't sure the doctor who had diagnosed him two weeks prior had actually been able to see his ear drums... She told us to use some drops that would soften the wax and the follow up with our pediatrician in a week or so if he wasn't improving.

Last Friday, we went and saw our pediatrician. He had a nurse irrigate Colby's ears because there was just too much wax to "scoop" it out. It was pretty nasty...the nurse said she had never seen someone so little have so much wax! After his ears were cleaned out, the doctor checked them out. Both ears were full of fluid, but there was no sign of an infection. He said that the fluid meant there was most likely an infection coming or going. We then had a talk about tubes and Colby's ears and he said that he really thinks Colby would benefit from tubes. I was kind of on the fence about tubes, but really respect our pediatrician and after discussing it with him I was thinking they sounded like a good idea for the little guy.

Yesterday we finally had Colby's appointment with the ENT. They first checked his hearing and everything was great there! Then we met with the doctor and he looked at Colby's ears and listened to his history of ear infections. At the appointment, one of Colby's ears had fluid and the other was clear. The doctor recommend tubes based on the exam and what I told him. He addressed my concerns about general anesthesia (he had a hard time waking up after his scope) and answered my questions (and Mike's... who went with me to the appointment). Brent and I had already pretty much decided that if it was recommended by the ENT, we would do the tubes. So after the appointment, I met with the scheduler and we set up surgery for next Wednesday morning.

So, starting next Thursday, we are expecting no more ear pain or ear infections for Colby!

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