Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Adventures Week One

December 1

Today we put up our Christmas tree!

Mommy put the lights on, and then the kids all took turns picking out ornaments and helping put them on the tree.

December 2

Today we got out our Little People Nativity.

They helped take everything out of the boxes and set it all up. They were telling us who all the people were and enjoyed playing with it most of the morning! Yay for "new" toys to keep kiddos entertained!

December 3

Today we put up our nativity decals. They are now on the window on the front door because they weren't sticking very well to the wall.. but I never took a picture of them in their new location.

The kiddos helped picked out the character I was looking for and we talked about each one and the part they played in the first Christmas.

December 4

We made wreaths today. I cut out the wreath and the bows. Then the kids glued the bows on (with a little help) and finger painted the berries on (with a little help).

December 5

Today's adventure was the Ionia Christmas Light Parade. Grandma and Grandpa Franks came and went to the parade with us. I didn't take any pictures (Grandpa did, so maybe if I get some of his I'll update the post with a couple). The kiddos seemed to enjoy it... and the adults enjoyed the fact that it wasn't as cold as it has been in the past!

December 6

Today we made snow flakes. We used coffee filters and let the kiddos cut... with a little bit of help! :) Its the first time any of them have used scissors that I know of... so they were having a fun time trying to figure them out!

We hung up our "beautiful snow lakes" on door frames in the living room!

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