Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thank You Tree

We did a Thankful tree again this year... the kids call it our "Thank You Tree!"

Every night after dinner (or the next morning if we forgot...), we all wrote or drew something on a leaf that we are thankful for and stuck it on the tree.

I didn't keep a list this year of everything we wrote down... or take picture of our tree throughout... you can call me lazy... or pregnant and exhausted... or both!:)

Kyle was often thankful for things like cars and lions, but did occasionally say he was thankful for God, Emily, Colby, Peyton, Mommy, and Daddy... and a few other things. Kyle's leaves are the blue ones.

Emily's pink leaves have more of a variety of things on them than Kyle's... she was thankful for Emily, Mommy, Daddy, Kyle, Colby, Peyton, a few friends from church, her toys, God...the letter T...

Colby's yellow leaves are filled with scribbles. Sometimes we knew what he was thankful for and other times it was just a random guess. He was thankful for the color yellow and circles a lot...along with God, Kyle, Emily, Mommy, Daddy, and boobs! :)

Mommy (purple leaves) and Daddy (orange leaves) were thankful for all sorts of things... Jesus, our children, our parents, our church family, our teenagers, Mondays, food, a house... and other such things!

Now it's on to our Christmas Adventure calendar... it's up and waiting for December first. I am going to try to be better about taking pictures and posting throughout the month... but once again, I'm lazy, and pregnant, and exhausted! :)

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