Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OB Check Up and Ultrasound

I had a check up this morning with my OB. For the most part, all checked out good. Peyton's heart sounded good and my belly is measuring "perfectly!"

I have been having lots of regular contractions the past couple weeks. They aren't really painful, just uncomfortable, but concerned because they come at regular intervals for long periods of time. After some monitoring, the doctor thought an ultrasound was a good idea to check out my cervix and fluids and such. 

They couldn't do the ultrasound while I was at the office this morning, so I drove home for a few hours... and then drove back for my ultrasound...

Everything looked good for the ultrasound. The tech confirmed that Peyton is most definitely a little boy! It was the first thing that he showed us when he popped up on the screen! My cervix was on the short side, but still within "normal" and fluids looked good. I got to watch Peyton move and squirm around for a bit. It was kind of fun. She showed me a few different angles and I think he's going to look a lot of Colby... but we'll see when he comes out!

The only "concern" with the ultrasound is that Peyton was butt down. But the kid does so many flips daily, it's not a big deal yet. Hopefully in the next few weeks, he'll settle in to a head down position! 

So for now... we are good! I'm supposed to "take it easy"... no lifting heavy stuff, no exercise... that and sort of stuff. If I start to get contractions, I'm supposed to lay down right away and call if they don't go away.

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