Saturday, November 29, 2014

22 Months Old

I'm only one day late this month!!

I'm not sure a whole lot has changed since last month's update... other than this kiddo will be TWO in two short months!

Colby talks non-stop...if there aren't a lot of people around. His favorite words are "No," "Me", and "I do!" He's talks mostly in short phrases now and is very good about making sure we all know what he wants.. or doesn't want.

Colby loves to lick people... and loves to stick his tongue out...I blame his daddy and big brother!

Colby still thinks he's three.. and wants to do everything Emily and Kyle do. This includes sitting on the potty. He sits on the potty (and goes) every night before bath time. He will often ask to sit on the potty during the day as well. We've had a few days were he's only used two diapers all day long... he always wakes up in the morning and after nap time wet. I think he may be easy to really potty train once I decide I'm ready for that!

Colby has turned into a hitter and a bitter. We have lots of talks and time outs for hitting and biting Kyle and Emily. Half the time he bites though, its their own fault for sitting their fingers (or nose) in his mouth!

We think Colby had another ear infection this month. He was miserable for a few days and kept saying his ears hurt, so we took him to the walk-in clinic in Ionia. He finished his antibiotics a few days ago and started complaining again about his ears.. and not sleeping, so we went to a pediatric redi-care yesterday (our peds office wasn't open) and she had to clean out lots of hard wax to even see his ear drums. She's not sure the doctor would have been able to see his ear drums two weeks prior with the amount of wax, so we aren't really sure if he had an actual ear infection or not. She cleaned out some of the wax, told us to use some drops to soften the rest, and still follow up with the ENT (who we are waiting for an appointment with).

Colby is still nursing... but is down to only a few minutes each night. I'm still just letting him do his own thing with weaning and not pushing him to be done. I have very mixed emotions about him weaning... so we are just letting him decide when to be done.. for now.. :)

Emily has been teaching Colby to "ink"... (wink)

Colby loves to cuddle with Peyton... and push on him! He gets very excited when Peyton pushes back through my belly. He loves to give him hugs and kisses!

Colby is still a little stinker.... I'm pretty sure his "terrible two" phase has started. He's much more strong willed than Kyle and Emily ever were!

And he's cute.. and he knows it!

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