Saturday, November 29, 2014

22 Months Old

I'm only one day late this month!!

I'm not sure a whole lot has changed since last month's update... other than this kiddo will be TWO in two short months!

Colby talks non-stop...if there aren't a lot of people around. His favorite words are "No," "Me", and "I do!" He's talks mostly in short phrases now and is very good about making sure we all know what he wants.. or doesn't want.

Colby loves to lick people... and loves to stick his tongue out...I blame his daddy and big brother!

Colby still thinks he's three.. and wants to do everything Emily and Kyle do. This includes sitting on the potty. He sits on the potty (and goes) every night before bath time. He will often ask to sit on the potty during the day as well. We've had a few days were he's only used two diapers all day long... he always wakes up in the morning and after nap time wet. I think he may be easy to really potty train once I decide I'm ready for that!

Colby has turned into a hitter and a bitter. We have lots of talks and time outs for hitting and biting Kyle and Emily. Half the time he bites though, its their own fault for sitting their fingers (or nose) in his mouth!

We think Colby had another ear infection this month. He was miserable for a few days and kept saying his ears hurt, so we took him to the walk-in clinic in Ionia. He finished his antibiotics a few days ago and started complaining again about his ears.. and not sleeping, so we went to a pediatric redi-care yesterday (our peds office wasn't open) and she had to clean out lots of hard wax to even see his ear drums. She's not sure the doctor would have been able to see his ear drums two weeks prior with the amount of wax, so we aren't really sure if he had an actual ear infection or not. She cleaned out some of the wax, told us to use some drops to soften the rest, and still follow up with the ENT (who we are waiting for an appointment with).

Colby is still nursing... but is down to only a few minutes each night. I'm still just letting him do his own thing with weaning and not pushing him to be done. I have very mixed emotions about him weaning... so we are just letting him decide when to be done.. for now.. :)

Emily has been teaching Colby to "ink"... (wink)

Colby loves to cuddle with Peyton... and push on him! He gets very excited when Peyton pushes back through my belly. He loves to give him hugs and kisses!

Colby is still a little stinker.... I'm pretty sure his "terrible two" phase has started. He's much more strong willed than Kyle and Emily ever were!

And he's cute.. and he knows it!

Thank You Tree

We did a Thankful tree again this year... the kids call it our "Thank You Tree!"

Every night after dinner (or the next morning if we forgot...), we all wrote or drew something on a leaf that we are thankful for and stuck it on the tree.

I didn't keep a list this year of everything we wrote down... or take picture of our tree throughout... you can call me lazy... or pregnant and exhausted... or both!:)

Kyle was often thankful for things like cars and lions, but did occasionally say he was thankful for God, Emily, Colby, Peyton, Mommy, and Daddy... and a few other things. Kyle's leaves are the blue ones.

Emily's pink leaves have more of a variety of things on them than Kyle's... she was thankful for Emily, Mommy, Daddy, Kyle, Colby, Peyton, a few friends from church, her toys, God...the letter T...

Colby's yellow leaves are filled with scribbles. Sometimes we knew what he was thankful for and other times it was just a random guess. He was thankful for the color yellow and circles a lot...along with God, Kyle, Emily, Mommy, Daddy, and boobs! :)

Mommy (purple leaves) and Daddy (orange leaves) were thankful for all sorts of things... Jesus, our children, our parents, our church family, our teenagers, Mondays, food, a house... and other such things!

Now it's on to our Christmas Adventure calendar... it's up and waiting for December first. I am going to try to be better about taking pictures and posting throughout the month... but once again, I'm lazy, and pregnant, and exhausted! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OB Check Up and Ultrasound

I had a check up this morning with my OB. For the most part, all checked out good. Peyton's heart sounded good and my belly is measuring "perfectly!"

I have been having lots of regular contractions the past couple weeks. They aren't really painful, just uncomfortable, but concerned because they come at regular intervals for long periods of time. After some monitoring, the doctor thought an ultrasound was a good idea to check out my cervix and fluids and such. 

They couldn't do the ultrasound while I was at the office this morning, so I drove home for a few hours... and then drove back for my ultrasound...

Everything looked good for the ultrasound. The tech confirmed that Peyton is most definitely a little boy! It was the first thing that he showed us when he popped up on the screen! My cervix was on the short side, but still within "normal" and fluids looked good. I got to watch Peyton move and squirm around for a bit. It was kind of fun. She showed me a few different angles and I think he's going to look a lot of Colby... but we'll see when he comes out!

The only "concern" with the ultrasound is that Peyton was butt down. But the kid does so many flips daily, it's not a big deal yet. Hopefully in the next few weeks, he'll settle in to a head down position! 

So for now... we are good! I'm supposed to "take it easy"... no lifting heavy stuff, no exercise... that and sort of stuff. If I start to get contractions, I'm supposed to lay down right away and call if they don't go away.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

OB Check Up

On Tuesday I had another check up.

For the most part, all is well.

My belly is measuring perfectly.

Peyton was head down at my appointment... the kid moves constantly, and right now I'm pretty sure he's sideways.

His heart sounded good. It was beating a little faster than normal, but nothing to be concerned about.

The only concern is that I've had a few episodes of time-able contractions. Even though this is "normal" for me at this point, it's still causes a little worry about pre-term labor issues. We talked about a plan for when I need to call and when I can just chill and hope they go away... a plan that I like better than what I've always been told in previous pregnancies.

And I go back in two weeks... or a week and a half or so now since it's been a couple days!:)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I am Grateful!

[I know I normally don't write post like this, but I felt the need to share. So be warned before you read that this post isn't really about my kiddos... it's about something God has been teaching me.]

During this pregnancy, several couples we know have lost babies. Several have had their babies born way to early. Some have been born sleeping. Others have been only here on Earth for a few minutes or a few hours. Another was born full term, but because of heart and lung disease, was only with his mommy and daddy for six months.

My heart hurts so much for these mommies. I haven't necessary reached out to them all because often I don't have words to say, but I have prayed for them often. Most days, several times a day. By name. Asking God to somehow comfort them. I have also cried for them.

I can't even imagine the pain these mommies have felt.

But, it makes me grateful for so much.

It makes me grateful for the 104 weeks (so far) I have spent of my life growing humans inside me. For all the kicks and punches. For the growing pains. For the puking. For the weird cravings. For the shortness of breathe. For the back pain. For the 60 hours of labor (so far).

It makes grateful for the child I only was able to carry inside me for a few short weeks. For the fact that I am able to show Kyle and Emily ultrasound pictures of their brother or sister that was in my belly with them. For the hope of someday meeting my child I was never able to hold in my arms and watch grow up.

It makes me grateful that I have gotten to snuggle and care for three tiny babies. For the sleepless nights. For the little cries (and big ones). For the giggles. For the smiles.

It makes me grateful that I have had the opportunity to watch three kiddos learn to roll over. Learn to sit up. Learn to crawl. Learn to walk. Learn to get into EVERYTHING!

It makes me grateful that I have had the privilege of providing nourishment for my children; that for their first six months of life or so, my body made everything they needed to grow. For my breastpump. For bottles. For a child who only likes it from the source. For my boobs!

It makes me grateful for dirty diapers. For pee. For poop.

It makes me grateful for spit up. For puke. For snot.

It makes me grateful that I have the honor of watching my boys wrestle. For watching my boys pick on their sister. For breaking up fights. For having to teach my children to be kind to each other. For children who play together. For witnessing the love they have for each other.

It makes me grateful for all the frustrations. For the fact that my kids are hear to annoy me and test my patience. For the fact that I get to have meltdowns because some days are a little more than I can handle.

I am grateful for the kisses. For the hugs. For the "I love you"'s. For the "Sorry"'s.

I am grateful for the expenses. For the beds we can provide for our children to sleep in. For the roof we can pay for to provide shelter for our kids. For the food we are able to buy to feed hungry bellies. For the car seats we get to buy as our children grow. For the new clothes and shoes we get to provide every few months. For the things that have to be replaced because a little person destroyed them. [For the grandmas and grandpas that help us out!]

I am grateful for messes. For having to teach my kiddos to pick up their toys. For having to clean up.

I am grateful for the opportunity to feed my children. For the ability to teach them to eat. For watching them eat. For messes. For spilled milk. For flying food. For the "Thank You"'s that come after a meal.

I am grateful for healthy children. For Celiac's disease and gluten free food.

I am grateful for this crazy job of being a mommy. For the good and for the bad. For the smiles and for the tears. For the joys and for the frustration.

I am grateful for Emily Doris.

I am grateful for Kyle Myron.

I am grateful for Colby Thomas.

I am grateful for Peyton William.

I am grateful!