Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colby and His Big Boy Bed!

A few days ago Colby figured out how to get his sleep sack off... and then he figured out he could climb out of his crib when he got it off... and then he figured out how to climb out of his crib with his sleep sack on... so, as much as I didn't want it to be time... it was time...

Colby now has a big boy bed!

He thinks it's great that he can get in and out of bed all by himself just like Kyle and Emily!

Mommy isn't thinking it's so great, but it is what it is!

It's been a week now... and it's kind of been a long week.

Night time has gone pretty well. Colby is still nursing before he goes to bed, and most of the time, he's asleep when I put him in bed, so he stays there and sleeps. The first few nights, he did fall out of bed several times throughout the night. Most of the time, he got back into bed himself and went right back to sleep. A few times, we had to go in and put him back to bed because he didn't wake up from falling! I think he's finally gotten the hang of not falling out of bed while sleeping though...

Rest time is a whole other story! It's been a long week because of rest time! Since we've moved, the boys have struggled to take good rests. They like to distract each other and keep each other wake. When Colby all of a sudden had this new freedom of being able to get out of bed as he pleases... and Kyle loves to tell on him... There has been lots of screaming and crying... lots of mommy get very frustrated with two little boys... and not much resting! Hopefully soon things will get back to "normal" and the boys will get some sort of rest in the afternoon!

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