Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OB Check Up

I had a check up today with my OB. It was nice and quick! I saw my doctor 2 minutes after my appointment time and was on my way 15 minutes later! I love it when I see my actual doctor; she's normally right on time!

I gain 5lbs in the past month! Still not up to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm getting there.

My belly is measuring bigger than it should be. She pushed on my belly a ton to feel for Peyton and said he still "feels" like he should be and just has lots of room. Apparently this is expected since this is pregnancy number three in four years, but if I'm still measuring so much bigger than I should be at my next appointment, we'll talk about another ultrasound to check for extra fluid. But, as of right now,she said it's nothing to be concerned about.

I've also been having weird pains on the top of my belly. She said that normally round ligament pain is on the bottom of the uterus, but the actual ligament starts at the top of the uterus, so it's very possible to feel the pain on the top. She said she would expect this because this is pregnancy number three in four years and my first was twins...

I'm getting the impression that having babies every two years may be a little rough on my body...but it is what it is and I'm very happy there is another little baby boy growing in my belly... even when he's making it HUGE and hurt more than normal!

She also said I need to start limiting how much I'm picking up and carrying heavy things. Pretty much, I'm not supposed to pick up anything heavier than Colby unless I have to and should be carrying Colby around all the time (which I don't anyways because he would prefer to walk).

Peyton's heart beat for 148 bpm... she had to chase him down with the doppler because the boy wouldn't stay still! Which is normal for him; I feel like Peyton is constantly moving!

Still have the green light to keep on breastfeeding Colby!

Overall, everything looks good. They gave me my lab slip and nasty drink for the glucose screening in a couple weeks and I go back for another check up in 4 weeks!

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