Monday, September 29, 2014

20 Months Old!

Opps... I'm a day late. I thought about the fact it was the 28th during church... and then not again until this morning. I'm not sure how another month passed so quickly, but it did!

Colby has become very vocal in the past month. It seems like he is always making noise of some sort. If Kyle and Emily are singing, he sings right along with him. If they are talking, he mimics whatever they are saying. He loves to make animal noises. He points out EVERYTHING and tells us what he thinks it is. He refers to Kyle and Emily by their names, and sometimes Peyton too!

Colby has made it very clear that he does not like to be left out. If Kyle and Emily are getting something he's always right there asking "ME!?!?!?!" It's kind of cute... for now! :) Most of the time he refers to himself as "me" but every once in a while we can get him to say "Colby" too!

Colby still loves his puzzles and improves at them every day. If he wants some "alone time," I often find him sitting in his room working on a stack of puzzles. He's really good at the "baby" puzzles and normally can help Kyle with his "big kid" puzzles.

Books are Colby's other favorite activity. He loves to sit in someone's lap and have them read to him, but he's also very content sitting and "reading" books by himself or to Spidey Bear!

Colby loves to walk up and down the stairs holding someone's hand. He does pretty good most of the time. Although we normally end up carrying him up the stairs because he takes way to long.

Colby still only has four teeth that are all the way in, but another six that have broken through his gums and are slowly making their way up. Two more are just under his gums waiting their turn.

Some days its a real struggle to get Colby to eat anything. Most of the time we can at least get to him eat a banana if he won't eat anything else. Other days, it seems like we can give him enough food so that he's full. Bananas are his favorite food for sure, but he also seems to love pasta (gluten free of course) with red sauce. Kix cereal has recently changed ingredients and are now gluten free! "Balls" seem to be his favorite, so we buy them when we see them on sale; they are WIC approved, but no where around here carries the 18 oz boxes that WIC will pay for, or else he probably would get them a lot more often.

Most days Colby is still nursing after lunch and after dinner. If we are out and no the go for the day, he normally will skip his after lunch "boob," but if we are home, he pretty much demands it. He is falling asleep while nursing less often, so he's getting better at falling asleep in his crib on his own.

We go back to the doctor on Friday for a weigh check. Hopefully he will have gained a little bit in the past four weeks. I know the kid is getting taller by the way his clothes fit him, but I'm still not sure he's gaining any weight.

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