Monday, September 29, 2014

20 Months Old!

Opps... I'm a day late. I thought about the fact it was the 28th during church... and then not again until this morning. I'm not sure how another month passed so quickly, but it did!

Colby has become very vocal in the past month. It seems like he is always making noise of some sort. If Kyle and Emily are singing, he sings right along with him. If they are talking, he mimics whatever they are saying. He loves to make animal noises. He points out EVERYTHING and tells us what he thinks it is. He refers to Kyle and Emily by their names, and sometimes Peyton too!

Colby has made it very clear that he does not like to be left out. If Kyle and Emily are getting something he's always right there asking "ME!?!?!?!" It's kind of cute... for now! :) Most of the time he refers to himself as "me" but every once in a while we can get him to say "Colby" too!

Colby still loves his puzzles and improves at them every day. If he wants some "alone time," I often find him sitting in his room working on a stack of puzzles. He's really good at the "baby" puzzles and normally can help Kyle with his "big kid" puzzles.

Books are Colby's other favorite activity. He loves to sit in someone's lap and have them read to him, but he's also very content sitting and "reading" books by himself or to Spidey Bear!

Colby loves to walk up and down the stairs holding someone's hand. He does pretty good most of the time. Although we normally end up carrying him up the stairs because he takes way to long.

Colby still only has four teeth that are all the way in, but another six that have broken through his gums and are slowly making their way up. Two more are just under his gums waiting their turn.

Some days its a real struggle to get Colby to eat anything. Most of the time we can at least get to him eat a banana if he won't eat anything else. Other days, it seems like we can give him enough food so that he's full. Bananas are his favorite food for sure, but he also seems to love pasta (gluten free of course) with red sauce. Kix cereal has recently changed ingredients and are now gluten free! "Balls" seem to be his favorite, so we buy them when we see them on sale; they are WIC approved, but no where around here carries the 18 oz boxes that WIC will pay for, or else he probably would get them a lot more often.

Most days Colby is still nursing after lunch and after dinner. If we are out and no the go for the day, he normally will skip his after lunch "boob," but if we are home, he pretty much demands it. He is falling asleep while nursing less often, so he's getting better at falling asleep in his crib on his own.

We go back to the doctor on Friday for a weigh check. Hopefully he will have gained a little bit in the past four weeks. I know the kid is getting taller by the way his clothes fit him, but I'm still not sure he's gaining any weight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OB Check Up

I had a check up today with my OB. It was nice and quick! I saw my doctor 2 minutes after my appointment time and was on my way 15 minutes later! I love it when I see my actual doctor; she's normally right on time!

I gain 5lbs in the past month! Still not up to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm getting there.

My belly is measuring bigger than it should be. She pushed on my belly a ton to feel for Peyton and said he still "feels" like he should be and just has lots of room. Apparently this is expected since this is pregnancy number three in four years, but if I'm still measuring so much bigger than I should be at my next appointment, we'll talk about another ultrasound to check for extra fluid. But, as of right now,she said it's nothing to be concerned about.

I've also been having weird pains on the top of my belly. She said that normally round ligament pain is on the bottom of the uterus, but the actual ligament starts at the top of the uterus, so it's very possible to feel the pain on the top. She said she would expect this because this is pregnancy number three in four years and my first was twins...

I'm getting the impression that having babies every two years may be a little rough on my body...but it is what it is and I'm very happy there is another little baby boy growing in my belly... even when he's making it HUGE and hurt more than normal!

She also said I need to start limiting how much I'm picking up and carrying heavy things. Pretty much, I'm not supposed to pick up anything heavier than Colby unless I have to and should be carrying Colby around all the time (which I don't anyways because he would prefer to walk).

Peyton's heart beat for 148 bpm... she had to chase him down with the doppler because the boy wouldn't stay still! Which is normal for him; I feel like Peyton is constantly moving!

Still have the green light to keep on breastfeeding Colby!

Overall, everything looks good. They gave me my lab slip and nasty drink for the glucose screening in a couple weeks and I go back for another check up in 4 weeks!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Three and a Half!!!

My tiny little babies are turning into big little kids! It's hard to believe they are already three and a half!

Emily has started to be a little mommy. She loves to take care of her babies. She feeds them, changes their diapers, changes their clothes, and makes then take naps. She also likes to tell her brothers what to do! Emily LOVES her brothers. She loves telling people she has three brothers and referrers to them often as "my boys." We ask her often "Who is in charge?" She normally says "Mommy and Daddy" but recently has started to give a smart alack answer of "Emily!" and always says it with a little smirk on her face.

Emily still loves pink and purple, princesses, skirts and dresses, and other girly things. But she also likes to "play" sports and play cars with her boys.

Kyle is a wild and crazy little boy... or as much as we will let him be wild and crazy! He loves to run around in circles, sing loud obnoxious songs, and wrestle with anyone who he thinks might enjoy getting pushed over and squished!

Kyle still loves blue and brown, cars, trains, and firetrucks. His toys of choice are cars and puzzles.

In the beginning of the summer, Grandma and Grandpa Franks got the kiddos bikes. It took them a little while to get the hang of riding them, but they finally got it figured out. We took a break (a two month break!) when Kyle broke his arm, but they have been riding them again the past couple weeks. It seemed like it took them a time or two to get the hang of it again, but for the most part, they do pretty well on them. They still need help getting going sometimes and going up hills in they don't start with enough momentum.

Kyle and Emily are being coming familiar with their surroundings and how to get places. They know the general way to church, the library, Meijer, Grandma and Grandpa Eubank's house, Grandma and Grandpa's Franks' house, the Zoo, and the children's museum. If we go a different way somewhere, they know and say who ever is driving is being silly!

Emily and Kyle still love going to church. They enjoy their class and doing "projects" and learning about the Bible. They normally can tell us a general idea of what they learned about in their class. They also love reading the Bible as a family at night. Most nights it doesn't seem like they are paying attention, but they have a good idea of what most of the Bible stories that are in their children's  are about. It amazes me often listening to how much they actually remember from what we read and talk about. Not only do they remember the stories, they also know/use some of the application!

Kyle and Emily enjoy singing songs. In we are in the car for more than a few minutes and they don't have something electronic (their LeapPads or a movie) to entertain them, they usually start singing. It's kind of cute, but kind of annoying when they start arguing about whose song is whose. Apparently, they own rights on certain songs! Favorites include Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonald, Let it Go, Life is a Highway...

We started to do preschool last week. They've been really bugging about school, so we decided to do homeschool for preschool. We are working on letters, numbers, shapes, sorting, patterns, and animals. They already recognize most capital letters, so we are working on lower case recognition, letter sounds, and writing letters. For number, they can both consistently count to ten (and sometimes beyond), but don't recognize any numbers. So we are working on using numbers to actually count things (not just recite in order) and number recognition. They can recognize all their basic shapes, We are using shapes to work on coloring skills and drawing shapes. We are also using shapes to learn about patterns. For sorting, we are working on matching and grouping similar things. For animals, we are just talking about their favorite animals, where they live, what they eat, and other simple things. So far they are loving school (we've only done three days). Emily has done really well with everything. Kyle gets frustrated (he's still figuring out how to hold a crayon again after breaking his right arm) and doesn't want to do much beyond color when it comes to our "worksheets." Hopefully it will continue to go well and they will keep being excited about "formal learning!"

One of Emily and Kyle's favorite adventures is to the zoo! They love having maps and reference their maps often to make sure we are seeing all the animals. They both love to watch the animals and make noises at them. Kyle's favorites seem to be any type of hop-a-roo (such as a kangaroo) and monkeys. Emily's favorites seem to be the reptiles and fish; she also loves horses, but those aren't are the zoo.

Potty training, most days they are accident free! They are pretty good about telling us when they need to go and have started sometimes just going by themselves. They both still want help wiping when they poop, but can handle peeing all by them selves. We do take Kyle to the bathroom before we go to bed at night, otherwise we are almost guaranteed he'll wet the bed.

Kyle and Emily are starting to become more opinionated about what food they eat. At our house, their option is to eat what mommy makes or not eat, so normally they just suck it up and eat it even if it's something they "don't like." Kyle does not like peppers and onions (he's tried them several times), so normally I try to leave those off his plate and the same with peppers for Emily... but she LOVES onions! Neither of them like mashed potatoes either, but will eat potatoes pretty much any other way. Emily's favorite food is most defiantly mac'n'cheese, but also really likes strawberries and green veggie s. Kyle's favorite food is hot dogs, but also really likes french fries and cheese. They both LOVE their "cow milk" and probably drink more than they should.

Naps rarely happen around here anymore. We still try to do rest time every afternoon, but most days it turns into WAR! Most days, they both still really do need to take a nap, but they really don't want to. If they lay still and are quiet for long enough, they normally fall asleep and will sleep for a couple hours. If they actually rest and don't fall asleep, they do okay attitude wise for the afternoon. But if they won't even rest, our afternoons are filled with one meltdown after another and two tired kiddos ready for bed by 5pm. Right now, if they are actually quiet for at least a half an hour, I take them their LeapPads in to play with.

Schedule wise, not much as changed. Their clock "wakes up" at 8am and lets them know it's time to get up. Most days they are quiet until their clock wakes up. We eat breakfast shortly after they get out of bed. In the mornings, we do adventures, school, or just hang out. We normally eat lunch between 11:00 and 12:00, and then do rest time after lunch. After I give up on them actually resting, they get up and play until dinner time around 5:30. After dinner, we pick up toys, takes baths, read the Bible, pray, and go to bed. Normally they are in bed between 7:00 and 7:30.

Both kiddos love books. They love to "read" them and love to have people read to them. Most of their favorites are their Cat in the Hat books. They both love going to the library and picking out books to take home and read. They've been really excited when we do school to read their library books.

I asked questions again... there are lots of answers still the same from six months ago... Click here if you want to see...

Emily Kyle
What is your name?  Emily Eubank Kyle 
How old are you?  Six Three
What is your favorite color?  Pink and Purple Blue and Brown
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Balls O's
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  Noodles Cookies
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?  Hamburgers French Fries
What is your favorite snack to eat?  Fruit Snacks Fruit Snacks
What is your favorite fruit?  Strawberries Oranges
What is your favorite vegetable?  Carrots Nothing
What is your favorite thing to drink?  Juice Milk
What is your favorite animal?  Horses, Snacks, Giraffes Kangaroo and Crockadile
What is your favorite toy to play with?  Princess Kitty Queen Mater Toys
What is your favorite book to read?  Buzz and Woody Queen Mater Book
Where do you like to go?  Bounce House Home
What is your favorite song? Let It Go Life a Highway
Who is your best friend?  Mommy Mommy and Grandpa
What is your favorite thing to watch on tv? Frozen Mater Change
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Mommy Tractor Driver
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Ribe my bike Ride bikes
What is your favorite thing to wear?  Costume Bathing Suit and Coat
Who is your favorite person?  Grandma Mommy

Friday, September 5, 2014

Colby's 18 Month Well Visit (at 19 Months Old!)

This morning Colby had is 18 month well visit..the visit gets pushed out a bit when you will only see one doctor and forget to schedule more than 3 months ahead...

We actually went in for a sick visit yesterday because the poor kiddo had a fever that we couldn't get to break. Last night it was thought that the fever was mostly likely from all of the teeth Colby is getting. He would have wanted to recheck him today, so it worked out well that we already had the well visit scheduled for today.

As far as his fever and such goes... he woke up this morning way early and was very warm and just plain crabby. Once he finally ate breakfast, Colby seemed back to normal and his fever broke on the way to the doctor's office.

Our pediatrician is still pretty sure his fever and crankiness is just from ALL the teeth trying to come in.... all eight teeth trying at once! Poor kiddo!

We talked about food and what's changed in the past couple months. The doctor is still very much agrees with the Celiac diagnosis.

Developmentally, aside from vocab, Colby is doing things that are considered milestones for two and two and a half years old!

The only concern again was Colby's weight. At his 15 month visit, Colby weighed 20 lbs 14 oz. Today, he was at 20 lbs even. We talked again about diet and the doctor agrees we are feeding him a very healthy and well balanced diet. So he wants us to come back in a month for a weight check and if he still hasn't gained at that point, we'll decide what's next.