Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No More Cast!

Kyle had his follow up appointment today. As soon as we got there, the doctor used the cast saw to cut the cast off Kyle's arm. He was a little scared and tried to get the doctor to wait for Grandpa (who was meeting us, but stuck behind a train). But he did a good job sitting still for the doctor to cut his cast off... and squeezing mommy's hand!

When it came off, it was very concerned because it smelled. And then he realized how icky his arm was got pretty upset about that. He was afraid to move his arm or let anyone touch it. But the time Grandpa got there and we walked over to x-ray, he was at least bending his elbow! 

Grandpa went in with Kyle to get his pictures taken, but mommy was told he did a very good job sitting still. His arm is still broken, but there has been "significant healing," so that doctor was happy with that. 

The doctor said that he would be comfortable with just a splint for Kyle due to the amount of healing. We were a little hesitant about a splint because if Kyle could take it off, he would. But the doctor showed it to me and explained how it locks! It's pretty much kid proof! He said that if it doesn't become an issue and Kyle figures out how to get it off (you have to have the special screw driver, so it's not very likely) that we can come back and he'll put a cast back on his arm. As soon as we got in the car, the silly boy started trying to figure out how to get his splint off, but quickly gave up when he realized he didn't have the "key!" :)

With the split, we can take it off for bath time! It can get wet though, so the doctor said we could go swimming and play in the water! Kyle's normally not a fan of swimming, but seemed excited about the idea.

Because Kyle did so well, we thought a treat was in order. We tried talking him into ice cream, but he wanted a donut... silly kid! Mommy and Grandpa got ice cream though! :)

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