Friday, August 8, 2014

Emily Finally Got to Ride a Horse!

Emily has been wanting to ride a horse for a long time. Gabby (one of our teens from church) rides and Emily has wanted to ride her horse Rascal. A few weeks ago, Emily sat on Rascal at the fair, but that wasn't enough for her. This morning, she finally got her wish!

Emily watched Gabby put the "seat" on Rascal

Kyle watched for a minute, but really wasn't interested.

Emily watched Gabby get all Rascal's "wiggles" out!

And finally, she got to ride!

Gabby showed Emily the correct way to sit and how to hold on with her legs.

Colby sat in the stroller and played iPad.

Kyle looked for rocks!

And then Colby got to ride with Emily!  (Kyle had no desire to!)

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