Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Anatomy Scan and OB Appointment

Yesterday I had my anatomy scan and an OB appointment.

Emily and Kyle really wanted to go see the baby. I'm not really sure what they were expecting, but because they really wanted to go (and my OB gave the okay for all three kiddos to watch the ultrasound), our whole family went to my appointment.

Kyle and Emily were interested for about the first two minutes of my ultrasound. Shortly after they heard the baby's heartbeat, they lost interest.

Everything looked great on the baby. All body parts and organs accounted for and normal. Measurements were a little on the small side, but they have been all along, so no concern!

The tech gave us some pictures of the baby's feet!

After several attempts to get a good look, she was finally able to see little BOY parts! He was doing a good job at keeping his legs closed, but finally showed us what we wanted to see!

I thought Kyle and Emily would react more when we found out if the baby was a boy or a girl, but they were were pretty much "yeah, we know" and didn't seem to care. They have both said from the beginning that the baby was a boy, so I guess it wasn't much of a surprise for them! They did get excited about it later when we starting calling grandparents and aunts to tell them and made a video to post of Facebook.

Here's some more pictures of the little guy!

We haven't officially decided on a name yet. We have it narrowed down to a few and will decide at some point! :)

Everything else went fine with my appointment. I've only gained 1 pound in the past four weeks, but a little gain is better than any loss! I'm still throwing up and not feeling good some days, but if the past repeats it self, that's not going to stop until after the baby is born. 

Two more four week appointments and then we got to every two weeks! Yay for being almost to the "half way" point!

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