Thursday, August 28, 2014

19 Months Old

Mr Colby Oley is 19 months old today!

Recently Colby has been eating almost everything and anything put in front of him. I'm expecting him to wake up huge one of these mornings... Favorite foods right now seem to be noodles of any sort (gluten free of course!) and strawberries. He's also fallen in love with dips... if something can have dip, Colby wants dip and enjoys dipping his food!

Colby still only technically has four teeth, but the past week or so he's had another six trying to break through, the next two on the top and his two year molars. I can feel all of them trying to come up, but only two are pokey so far. They haven't seemed to bother him too much. He's had a low grade fever on and offer and hasn't been a little fussy when he's sleeping, but other than that, he's his normal happy self!

The kiddo is still loving his "booooob" time. He's still nursing twice a day, but is still slowly decreasing the amount of time he is nursing. Hopefully he'll decide he's done soon!

Colby is now consistently sleeping through the night! Every once in a while he wakes up and just needs a quick cuddle and goes back to sleep. Most nights, he is still awake when I put him in his crib. Half of the time he is quiet and goes right to sleep. The other half... he cries for a bit, but normally falls asleep within a half hour or so. The sames goes for nap time.

Last month I said Colby has finally started to talk more... but really, this past month his verbal communication has exploded. He talks and sings and talks and sings almost constantly!

Colby is still loving his puzzles! He's getting better and faster at them too. We went to the library today and when we got to the children's room, he ran over to the puzzle shelve and happily sat there doing puzzles while Kyle and Emily picked out books.

Colby wants to do everything Kyle and Emily are doing. If they are running in circles, he is running in circles. If they are singing and dancing, he is singing and dancing. There is very little that he has seen them do that he hasn't figured out how to do himself.

Colby has started bringing us clean diapers when he wants his diaper changed. He also asks to use the potty every once in a while... and normally goes when we help him take his diaper off. Before baths, Kyle and Emily both sit on the potty, and he normally does too and normally goes. I'm thinking he might be easy to potty train next summer!

Colby has gotten tall enough to open our front door. It has a handle that you pull down instead of twist and unlocks when you pull the handle down. We normally keep the door locked, which makes it a bit harder for him to open and is loud enough we can hear it right away and keep him from wandering out into the hall way. Hopefully he'll get sick of spankings soon and learn not to open the door!

Colby has learned how to take off his clothes. He can easily take off his shorts/pants and sometimes can take off his shirt. He's sort of figured out how to put his pants back on, but has a hard time pulling them up. Once he's taken his clothes off and is just in his diaper, it's a real challenge to get his clothes back on him.

Colby has gotten a lot better at stairs and wants to walk up and down them like Kyle and Emily. It's kind of a pain because he's so slow, but as my belly grows bigger, it's better than he can walk and I don't have to carry him. It's not to often that he wants to be carried anymore anyways. Normally he wants to walk, and we normally let him as long as he will hold a hand. He also LOVES his stroller (we got a new one a couple months ago), so if he sees that, it doesn't take much to get him to ride.

Clothes wise, he's still fits into most of his 12 months stuff, but I think most of it is going to get packed up this afternoon (because I have the bins out that the clothes will go in and I'm too lazy to get them out in a couple weeks when he really out grows the 12 months stuff). The 18 month stuff fits him well for the most part and I'm expecting a growth spurt soon...

Colby is still cute and still a little stinker and he knows it!

I told him I would be right back with the camera and we would take pictures. When I got back to his room, he was sitting in his chair being all cheesey. He "helped" me find the right blocks and then tried to help set them up. After a few pictures with the blocks, he threw them all on the floor... but he did help pick them all up! :)

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  1. Love the pictures! I need to get some cute blocks like that! 18 months is such a wonderful age! Enjoy him while it last!

    -Melissa Juliet