Saturday, July 26, 2014


A little over a week ago, I had an ultrasound. It was the normal first trimester screening, plus checking to make sure the baby was going since I keep loosing weight.

I'm assuming the NT results came back normal (it's an ultrasound, plus blood work). They told me if anything was wrong, I would get a phone call within a week, but if all was well, the doctor would just let me know at my next appointment.... and I haven't gotten a phone call.

The baby was squirming and kicking and playing. It's fun to watch!

Size wise, the baby is right where he or she should be. My due date in their computer system is still Jan 19th, but according to my last ultrasound and this ultrasound the baby is measuring to be due Jan 24th.

I go back next week for another regular check up and I'm guessing they will have my schedule my 20 week anatomy ultrasound. It's kind of weird to think that in six short weeks (or five if you use the due date based on my last period) we will already be to the half way point!

I'm still having lots of problems with nausea, but am not throwing up as much as I was. Hopefully that's a sign that I'll feel better soon, but I'm not counting on it since I threw up for pretty much all of both my other pregnancies.

I'm still very much exhausted; the second trimester energy burst everyone always talks about hasn't hit me yet. But I've been sick (cough and congestion), and I am still nursing Colby and taking care of three crazies... so I don't expect to have all sorts of energy any time soon (like in the next three years!).

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