Tuesday, July 29, 2014

OB Appointment

I had routine OB appointment today.

I gained 2lbs! I haven't really made up for all the weight I've lost, but it's a start. The doctor isn't concerned at all. She said that as long as I'm not consistently loosing weight, then it's not a big deal since I have had issues gaining weight with both of my other pregnancies as well.

I've been having issues with headaches and my vision again. She is pretty sure that its being caused by drops in my blood sugar and dehydration. So, I need to make sure I eat often and drink lots of water!

My blood pressure was a little high at my last appointment, but was fine today, so that's not a concern.

I asked about my due date because I have been told both Jan 19th and Jan 24th. The 19th is based on my last period and the 24th is based on the two ultrasounds. She told me that because the due date from the ultrasound is less than a week different that the one from my period, they will stick to my original one. So I am officially due Jan 19th, which makes me 15 weeks!

I go back four weeks from today for another appointment and for my anatomy scan! Brent and the kids are going to come too! Emily is very excited to watch the ultrasound and see the baby!

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