Monday, July 28, 2014

18 Months Old!

How is it that Colby Thomas Train Cheeky One ipad Stinkerpotamus is a year and a half old?!?

Food wise, Colby can eat anything except gluten and nuts/peanuts!! We gave him cow milk about three weeks ago and he LOVES it! The only issue we've had has been some nasty poop, so we are trying to only give him a limited amount still as his little body continues to adjust to digesting it. The kid LOVES ice cream too!

I've had a little gluten here and there the past couple weeks and it doesn't seem to both him as much as it used to! Hopefully this means that he just has a gluten intolerance and not Celiac's disease. I'm not sure when we will try to give him gluten again, but at some point in the distant future, I hope we are pleasantly surprised with no reaction when we do!

I'm still nursing the crazy boob boy! He's down to twice a day (after lunch and before bed), unless he wakes up in the middle of the night. He's not nursing for as long as he used to and normally doesn't fall asleep while nursing, so he's learning how to fall asleep on his own in his bed! I'm hoping both of these are signs that he is almost ready to self wean. I think I am ready to be done, but I'll let him decide when to quit (unless my OB tells me otherwise because of the baby!)

When Colby wakes up in the middle of the night, I have been just letting him cry for a bit to see if he'll go back to sleep. If he's just fussing and whining, he normally falls back asleep in 15 minutes or so. But if he starts to all out scream, I normally give him about a half an hour and then go in and feed him if he doesn't stop. We are down to about one night a week now, which is still to often for him to be waking up to nurse in the middle of the night!

Colby has finally started to talk more! He's very smart and understands most of what we say to him, but until a couple weeks ago, he really only pointed and grunted to communicated for the most part. He now calls Kyle and Emily by their names, along with Grandmas and Grandpas. He asks for a banana when he wants a snack; I'm pretty sure bananas are his favorite food. He makes lots of animal noises and is constantly trying to say new words!

Colby's favorite "toys" are still books. He will sit and "read" by himself for quit a while. He also loves to sit in someone's lap and have books read to him. He will point out animals or other things in books that he knows. One of my favorite books to read to him is "Where is my nose?" On every page, he points to the little girls nose and giggles.

Colby's other favorite "toy" is the iPad! The kid thinks that it is his! Anytime he sees it, he has to have it! If he is up before Kyle and Emily's clock turns on in the morning, Colby is normally in our room and plays with the iPad. If we don't offer him the iPad right away, he freaks out asking for it. He's pretty good with it. It hasn't figured out the code to unlock it yet, but other than that, he can make it do what he wants. He knows where his favorite games are and where the apps are to turn on the shows he can watch. It kind of amazes me how well he can use it.

Another favorite toy is his Spiderman Bear that we made at Build-A-Bear in Chicago. He sleeps with the bear and loves to carry it around and give it hugs! He even is willing to "share boob bear" sometimes. :)

The past few weeks Colby has gotten really good at puzzles! He used to sort of be able to do the ones of the iPad and the simple real ones on his shelf. But lately, he has been able to do the more complicated puzzles on the iPad (including letter games), and has been doing the "big kid" puzzles with Kyle. He has issues with the orientation of the pieces every once in a while, but typically gets the pieces in the correct spots and is able to put things together!

Colby is starting to get better about sharing and interactively playing with Kyle and Emily, but still struggles with it. I think the biggest issue here is that Kyle and Emily like to play with him by taking what he is playing with and playing with it while sitting right next to him, so this is how he thinks he plays with sometime. We are have trying hard to get them to all work on playing together and taking turns playing, not just taking toys. We've also been trying to get Kyle and Emily to let Colby play how he wants to play and not conforming to what they want him to do or how they think he should play with a toy.

Schedule wise, things are pretty much still the same. He has gotten better about sleeping though. It seems that his naps are starting to be consistently longer (about two and a half hours) and he's sleeping until 8am (when Kyle and Emily get up) most mornings!

For clothing, I just pulled out 18 month clothes for him as some of the 12 month clothes are starting to get a little snug. I didn't put away all of the 12 month clothes because some of them still fit him well, so he has a mixture of both in his dresser.

I'm not sure what else to say... Colby is still a little stinker boy who knows how cute he is and tries to use it to his advantage! We love him more than words can tell and are truly blessed to be his parents and to watch him grown, learn, and explore!

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