Saturday, June 21, 2014


Someone has some news to share...

He's a little excited...

Kyle and Emily are too...

We are expected baby number FOUR!

You can read through all the stuff below if you want, but here are the highlights...

  • My due date is January 24 (Four days before Colby turns two!) 
  • I'm pretty miserable between the nausea, the throwing up, and the exhaustion. 
  • We are all very excited!

May 19

You can barely see it in the "regular" test... but we have two positive (and one broken) pregnancy tests! That can only mean one thing... Eubank Baby number four is on the way!!!

We've only told a few people, but in the next few weeks plan on telling most of our family and such... if Kyle and Emily don't beat us too it! Last night in a meeting with teens (our Chicago Team) before youth group Kyle randomly said "Mommy, there's a baby in your belly!"

May 22
Yesterday my parents came over for dinner, so we put a big brother shirt on Colby. It took them a while to notice... and when they did..
"Does Colby have on Kyle's shirt?" - mom
"No, it's his shirt." - Brent
"Does it say big brother?" - mom
"Yes." - Brent
"Oh." - Mom
A little while later we asked Emily to explain Grandma why Colby had on a big brother shirt... then she got it! :)

May 28
Apparently in the first trimester of pregnancy, I ALWAYS get a horrible cold!

June 1
After a trip to the doctor and a few days on antibiotics, I am finally feeling better. I still have a nice cough... my my throat is no longer on fire and my ears don't feel like they are going to pop. And now, "morning" sickness is in full swing... And the belly is slowly starting to sick out a little bit...

June 6
Emily likes to talk to the baby. She often asks me if she can, and then lifts of my shirt and whispers things to the baby.
Yesterday Emily came into the bathroom when I was throwing up. When I was done, she asked to talk to the baby. She said "Hey you, stop making mommy spit up! She trying to grow a big belly so you have room to play in there!"
I don't remember if it was yesterday, or the day before... but I was resting on the couch because I was exhausted and she came up, lifted my shirt and started talking to the baby. She said "Hey baby. I love you, and mommy and Kyle and Colby and Daddy love you. Please stop taking mommy's energy. She need to play with us. When you done growing and come out of there, she'll play with you too. Mommy is lots of fun to play with, as long as your good. She'll probably just feed you boob for a while though after you come out! When you get big, you can play too!"
I love "seeing" (or hearing) the world through the minds of three year olds!

June 10
I had my first OB appointment this morning. All went well. Talked to the midwife for a while and she wanted to do an ultrasound to get an accurate due date since my periods haven't been regular (because of breastfeeding). Luckily, they could get me in for an ultrasound shortly after my appointment was over, so I didn't need to go back.
We have a healthy little blob with a strong little heart beat of 138 bpm. The ultrasound gave an office due date of Jan 24th, so five days later than it would have been based on my last period.
All is well... and we go back in about four weeks for another check!
Colby seemed to enjoy the ultrasound picture when I showed it to him. He kept wanting to look at it and would point to it and then to my belly. :)

June 11
This morning Kyle and Emily keep telling me its dark in my belly and the baby can't see. They also keep asking if they can hold the baby in case the baby is afraid of the dark!

June 13
I am so sick of throwing up! I've been okay during the day (just exhausted) the past couple days, but as soon as I lay down to go to sleep at night, the nausea hits me like a ton of bricks and I puke and puke and puke some more. Maybe I should try taking a zofran before I go to bed and see if that helps!

June 14
This morning I went to get the blood work done that my OB ordered. Emily went with me to the lab. She was so concerned about how much blood they had to take and made sure to hold my hand the whole time so that it didn't hurt. Then she was a little upset that I only got a piece of tape and gauze and no band-aid or sticker!

June 19
And my belly has popped out! A few days ago I decided that most of my regular jeans were to tight, so I packed them up and broke out the maternity pants... and I'm not quite 9 weeks yet.. I think with Colby I was about 10 weeks when my pants no longer were comfortable...
Emily keeps telling me the baby is growing because my belly is getting bigger.
Colby loves to attack my belly and give the baby kisses! He also thinks he has a baby in his belly.
Emily is convinced the baby is a girl. Kyle is convinced the baby is a boy. One of them is going to be disappointed!
I'm feeling pretty miserable. I am exhausted. I am having a hard time falling asleep. And when I do fall asleep, I wake up after a short bit to pee or throw up. The zofran is sometimes helping with the throwing up, but I am still nauseous most of the time.

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