Saturday, June 28, 2014

17 Months Old!

I didn't do pictures with the blocks today... but we had family pictures taken... so the pictures are from that! :)

Colby is a little stinkerpotumus! He loves having attention and knows that he is cute! 

The biggest news from the past month is Colby can EAT MORE FOOD! He has eaten tomatoes, citrus, and carrots with no reaction! He has also had dairy baked and cooked into things and have no reaction! A huge change from even the tiniest bit of dairy in something covering him in hives and effecting his breathing! (When we get back from Chicago next week, we will try cheese and yogurt!) And he LOVES to eat! He has started to climb into his high chair when it's getting close to meal time and asking for food! And he normally eats more than Kyle and Emily do!

Colby is still nursing at least twice a day, some days more. Always after lunch and before bed, but he also sometimes does in the morning still. If he doesn't in the morning, I pump and he gets breastmilk in his cup.

Colby's vocabulary is slowly expanding, but he still doesn't have a huge list of words that he says. He is very good at listening and understands pretty much everything we tell him though!

Environmental allergy wise, Colby is still allergic to everything. If we forget to give him is zrytec in the morning, he normally has a running nose by lunch time. Hopefully by the time next summer comes around, these will improve!

Colby loves to do whatever Kyle and Emily are doing. He normally plays right along with them. He loves to play cars with Kyle and babies with Emily. He also LOVES to color and wear stickers! He also does an okay job helping pick up toys and put things away.

Colby also likes to go to time out... When he does something wrong and we tell him to go to time out, he normally runs with a big smile on his face. Not the most effective punishment right now, but hopefully he'll eventually realize it's not a game and he's in trouble!

Colby still only has four teeth and no signs of any others trying to come in.

He's still wearing mostly 12 month clothes, with a few 18 months thrown in. Most of his jammies are 18 months though.

Schedule wise, he's still pretty much the same. Up around 8:00am, and then breakfast and play/adventure until lunch at noon. Then nurse and down for a nap. Most days he sleeps for about two hours. Dinner around 5:30, and then nurse/bed around 7:00pm. He is doing better sleeping through the night... as long as he and I don't have any gluten.

Colby is a grandpa's boy, just like his big brother! One of the few words he actually does say is "Granka." He loves looking at pictures of Grandpa and is always sure to point him out and let everyone know who is in the picture!

Most of the time, he's a very happy little boy! 

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