Friday, May 9, 2014

Colby's 15 Month Well Visit and Gluten Free Update

Colby had his 15 month well visit today.

Colby weighed in at 20 lbs 14 oz and measured 29.6 inches. (He's only less than a pound heavier than Kyle was at 15 months, and is between how tall Kyle and Emily were.)

The doctor was happy with his weight gain. He's up about a pound and a half from his visit a little over a month ago! He said that Colby looks nice and chubby, in a healthy way!

Everything else checked out well for Colby's exam.

We talked about the Celiac's diagnosis. The doctor said he wasn't surprised at all when he read the biopsy showed Celiac's. He said after listening to me describe the changes in the past three weeks since we cut out gluten, he is pretty certain that it is the correct diagnosis. We go back to the GI in ten days and he should have the second opinion back from UofM at that point, so we should have a confirmed diagnosis.

Since we've cut gluten from Colby and my diets, the kiddo has been way more interested in eating real food... all the time. I am pretty sure he would eat all day if I would let him. He's still very attached to "boob" and still loves to nurse, but I finally feel like food has become his main source of nutrient instead of breastmilk. He seems to have gotten more "spunky," which we assumed was just part of his developmental stage, but it seems to be in correlation with his diet change. He's finally pooping regularly and not straining so hard to poop. He is still taking stool softeners, but is taking less of them now. He's gotten chubby! He has always been our chubby baby, but for a while he was pretty skinning. He now has a nice chubby baby/toddler belly like most kiddos his age and has gotten some chub on his legs! Colby is sleeping better. Still not consistently through the night, but more so than he was before. (We did have a night last week where he was up all night screaming and seemed to be in pain... I'm pretty sure he somehow got some gluten by accident and that was the issue.) So yeah... we are continuing our gluten free diet and slowly making the transition to being a gluten free house hold!

And for the record... gluten is not nearly as hard to cut out of our diets as dairy was! No crazy withdraw symptoms!  :)

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