Monday, May 19, 2014

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park

For Christmas, we got a pass to go to the Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. We were pretty excited about it because we had heard great things about this zoo. They opened May 1st and we've been waiting for a day that worked with Brent's work schedule and the weather to go.

For what it cost and from what we've heard, we had very high expectations... and while the kids had fun, Brent and I weren't too impressed. I think John Ball and Potter's Park will still be our zoos of choice this summer.

Kyle and Emily were very excited to see the "hoperoos." They even got to pet them!

Colby had to them out too!

There were bunnies that the kiddos could hold. Emily and Colby both held one. Kyle wasn't interested...

They had two giraffes. The kiddos thought they were pretty cool... Kyle and Brent fed them some carrots. Colby tried to feed them his shoe.

They also had turtles and crocodiles that the kiddos thought were pretty cool. We road the the safari trip too. Kyle and Emily thought it was cool to kind of be on a school bus and they really enjoyed seeing the zebra!

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