Wednesday, May 28, 2014

16 Months Old!

Colby Oley Poley is 16 months old!

Colby is now a toddler for sure! He has opinions and preferences and will gladly try to communicate with you what he wants.... or doesn't want. And if he doesn't get his way, a fit is most likely to follow!

Colby still only has four teeth!

Colby is wearing mostly size 12 month clothes still.

I think sleeping through the night has finally become the norm for Colby!! A couple weeks after the gluten was all out of his diet and system, he started eating more real food... which lead to him sleeping all night long!! Normally he goes to bed around 8pm (after nursing for an hour or so) and then wakes up between 7:30 and 8:00!

He's still following pretty much the same schedule he has been. He's up between 7:30 and 8:00. Eats breakfast shortly after 8:00. Play or go on an adventure. Lunch is normally around noon. After lunch, Colby nurses and then takes a nap. He normally wakes up between 3:00 and 3:30 and we play until dinner at 5:30. About 6:30, we do baths and our bedtime routine and then he nurses and goes to bed.

We were having issues getting Colby to eat breakfast for a while, so last week I decided we were going to try to stop nursing in the morning when he wakes up. If he wakes up early, I'm still nursing him and he goes back to sleep, but otherwise, I have been pumping before he wakes up and then giving him a sippy cup of breastmilk at breakfast. The first two days we did this, the poor kiddo was so upset that he didn't get to nurse, but I think he's finally okay with it! :)

Colby's environmental allergies seem to be under control with the Zyrtec. The only time he seems to have real issues is when the grass is being cut, but other than that, he has been doing okay with the windows open and playing outside for longer periods of time!

Food allergy wise, I think some are starting to go away! I've been eating tomato based stuff (ketchup, BBQ sauce, salsa) in small amounts for about two weeks and he hasn't seemed to have any reaction. Last week, I gave him a tiny little bit of ketchup and he had no reaction to it!! We are going to try spaghetti for dinner one night soon and see what happens!

Colby loves to give hugs and kisses to people that he knows. Most of the time, he gives good kisses now that aren't as wet and slobbery... or with his mouth open! He also loves to give high fives and wave to people.

This weekend when we were in Chicago, Colby playing on the playground like a big boy! He climbed the stairs, ran across the bridge, and went down the slides all by himself! He also loved to be pushed in the swing.

When we are getting ready to leave the house, Colby likes to help get shoes out. He'll pull them out of the bin and give everyone their shoes. He even likes to "help" people put on their shoes!

I'm not sure what else has changed with Colby in the past month. I'm sure more than what I realize, but I can't think of anything else to add other than...

I'm so happy to see my baby boy thriving and healthy again. Cutting gluten out of his diet and made a world of difference. He has turned into a spunky little man and has so much life in him. He no longer wants to sit back and watch what's going on around him, he wants to get up and be apart of it! It's been an amazing transformation to watch and while it stinks that he has this life long illness (Celiac's disease), I'm happy that we have answers and know that God has a plan for all of this!!

(Sorry there's no pictures... Mommy has been very sick!)

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