Friday, April 18, 2014

Colby's Follow up with the Allergist

This kid has had more doctor's appointments in the past couple months... he likes to "help" take his blood pressure, temp, and listen to his heart. It's cute... but it's sad that a one year old knows what all that stuff is for.

We updated the doctor on all that's happened with Colby's health in the past three months... and shared the new allergens we have figured out.

We talked about hives and eczema and rashes and asthma...

They want Colby to start taking zyrtec every morning. They also told us to give him his singular in the morning instead of at night time. This will hopefully help with his environmental allergies and help him breath easier with all the "junk" in the wonderful spring air. He said if this doesn't work, we can talk about allergy shots. He also said, if the asthma becomes more of an issue, we'll start nebulizer treatments.

Colby is currently taking hydroxozine twice a day (it's an antihistamine). We can use this up to four a day, so he said if he's seeming to have a reaction, then to give him more. If he's swelling and has hives, we can do Benadryl or his epi pen if needed also.

They suggested to keep up with our food journal to continue to help pin point other allergens that are causing reactions.

Last visit, we had talked about retesting and doing food challenges in the office. But at this point, we aren't going to do any more testing until he's at least two. Until then, we will continue with meds and avoid known allergens. We'll go back in three months to check in and see how he's doing unless we have more issues before then.....

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